Wondering what’s the deal with thigh chafing?

Wondering what’s the deal with thigh chafing?

Posted by Jack Miller on 15th Sep 2019

Annoyed with chafing? Who isn't! Only the bearer knows how torturous and painful inner thigh chafing is. The chafe is a result of your thighs brushing against one another or your clothes. Also known as the chub rub, the inner thigh chafing can be irritation and outright painful and disruptive.

First thing first, let's understand what is chafing

Chafing is a typical skin problem faced by many of us, so trust that you are not alone sailing this boat. The reasons you could be facing the chafe could be a combination of heat, abrasion, precipitation, and inflammation from clothing. Thigh chafe is mostly a darkish rash between the thighs that stings. In extreme cases chafing could lead to swelling, oozing, and crusting too.

Some reasons why you might be suffering from the Chafe:

Skin is the largest and ever-growing organ of the human body. Your skin is very strong, and it protects your interiors. However, the skin is susceptible to heat, bacteria and physical injury. This physical injury could happen because of friction. Friction occurs when thighs scrape against each other or clothing. Further, sweat and moisture make the situation worse, causing chafing.

Misconception about chafing

How often have you been told that overweight could be the reason of the chafe? Well, this is not entirely true, some of us are more prone to the rash than the others, this includes those who are overweight and even those who are well exercised and skinny. Chub rub is just another name for Chafing, but it certainly doesn't mean only plump people suffer the condition or all overweight people have to put up with the chafe. Chafing can happen to anyone whose thighs rub which could be anyone, literally anyone. Another popular myth is that only women experience from the inner thigh chafe, but the truth is that chafing amongst men is a fairly common problem. Hence Chafing Remedies for Men and Women are equally in demand

Things that commonly cause Chafing

Short Skirt and Dresses

Short shorts and ill-fitted parts

Sweaty and rigorous workouts

Travelling in hot weathers

Weight gain especially during pregnancy

Loose Skin because of excessive weight loss

These are all fairly common life situations around all of us, does that mean that you stop wearing your favourite summer clothing or give up your favourite workout routine? Not really!

There are many solutions available for you, starting from cold compress, Over the counter products and much more. Even a little bit of change in your lifestyle and hygiene habits can make a difference. However, none of these guarantees a rash free life

Can there be a permanent preventive solution? Why not?

Try Anti-chafing thigh bands today!

You can prevent chafing by creating an efficient block between your thighs with the help of thigh guards. Go for Silicone Thigh Bands available in Sydney made from a material that doesn’t bother sensitive skin. By stopping sweaty skin from rubbing, great quality Stretch-Mesh Thigh Bands prevent chafing from happening.