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Thigh Band Reviews:

I wasn't aware that thigh guards existed before I came upon this website. I used to wear trunks underwear and if things got hot I'd throw some powder down there. Nothing really worked but you just did what you could and got on with it. I've worn thigh guards a few times now and I just think it's great how they work, it's quite amazing how a specifically designed piece of material can stop a problem like this.

 Steven, SA


Yes, yes, yes! These things saved my life, I work at a restaurant all night in the city, it's hectic as, chasing tables, running around all night. Plus I have to walk 20 minutes to the bus stop each way. These things are lifesavers.

Julie, NSW.

 Don't bother trying anything else, I used to use vaseline, doesn't work.  Wearing thigh guards works 100%, stops all chance of chafe happening.

 Brian, QLD.

I put these on and haven't looked back.  They're great, so comfortable and completely protect my legs.  I wear them for work.

Thomas, NSW.


I live in Broome, it gets pretty hot up here, the Thigh Guards help me get through the long, hot day.  Thankyou.

Tracey, WA


I'm trying to lose weight, and I can't stand wearing yoga pants.  I wear my thigh guards instead, they're just better for exercise.  I can wear comfortable clothes on top and get through my workout.

Amanda, NSW.




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