How To

Measure Thighs


Get some soft measuring tape and wrap around the top of your thighs.

Ensure that you measure accurately, and measure both thighs just to be safe.

You can measure in Centimetres or Inches.

Small or Medium

We understand that people come in all shapes and sizes.

So we have made a Small size and a Medium size for our customers.

The Small size is 16cm / 6in long. The Medium size is 20cm / 8in long.

no-more-chafe-thigh-guards-small-or-medium.png Here is an example of how a Small and a Medium will fit on you
The General Rule is:

 If you are around 6ft and taller we recommend a Medium size.

If you are around 6ft and shorter we recommend a Small size.

  If you are a Medium height, you can choose a Small or Medium.

Just make sure:

If you are short please choose the Small size. If you are tall please choose the Medium size.

Common Sense.

Design & Features


Protective Flap - Protects the inside of the thighs. Protects the integrity of the Thigh Guards.  Ensures the product remains undamaged and long lasting.

Compensation System - Allows the user to perform all dynamic & athletic movements without any slippage or any pulldown effect on the Thigh Guards. (See how to activate further below.)

Upwards Rising Elastic Gripper - Lets the user pull the Elastic Gripper onto the hip.  Giving the Thigh Guards a superior gripping position. (If the Elastic Gripper was flat, the gripping position would be on the leg, which is a less stable & lower position.  Especially during movement)

Stitch Line - This should be lined up and placed on the outside of your hip. Try and put it directly in the middle, of the outside of your hip.


Silicone grippers - Grip onto your skin and keep your Thigh Guards in place during movement.

Used in all high performance sports compression sleeves and sports apparel.

Please allow 5-10 minutes for the silicone to completely grip to your body.

Wear Properly

1. Fold the protective flap down, over the outside of the Thigh Guards.


2. Put the Thigh Guards on.  Then pull the top of the Thigh Guards up, so they attach to your hip.

thigh-guards-down3.jpg You will notice the bottom of the Thigh Guards spreading down the lower legs.

3. Pull the bottom of the Thigh Guards up, so they are square and even.


 The Compensation System is now activated.

This will allow you to sprint, jump, crouch, bend, sit, stretch. Perform any dynamic movement.

No slippage, no sliding down.


Clean your silicone grippers with water.  You can do it slow or fast.  It should take about 10 seconds

After many uses, you silicone grippers will eventually be covered with invisible dirt/dead skin cells.  This will delay the silicone grippers from sticking to you skin immediately, leading to slippage during the first 10 minutes of usage.   In order to keep your Thigh Guards working at their best we recommend you clean the silicone grippers after each use.
(It's not a big issue if you don't clean your grippers every single time, you'll find what works for you. Just be aware that clean grippers work the best, and will grip to your skin faster.)