What is chafe?

Chafe is actually the breaking down of your most protective & developed top layer of skin (epidermis). This commonly occurs when your skin repetitively and continuously rubs against another item or object; this could your own skin rubbing together, tight and loose clothing rubbing against your skin,  your skin interacting with a hard object such as a surfboard eg.bodyrash and shoes eg.blisters.

When the epidermis begins to be degraded, it is inflicted with micro-tears which accumulate and expand.  As the epidermis continues to get damaged, it exposes undeveloped pink & red layers of skin tissues underneath.  Our body attempts to repair itself by pumping blood to the damaged areas, this leads to swelling of the tissues and the formation of rashes... or chafing.

Why don't creams or powders work?

The issue with creams, powders and gels is that they don't actually fix the problem!!!

When you walk, run or move, your thighs brush passed each other.  There is repetitive physical contact against your thighs and your skin slowly gets stripped away every time you take a step.
It is impossible for a cream, powder or gel to stop this physical breakdown.  It doesn't matter how much you apply, you still have exposed skin and your thighs are continuously and repetitively hitting into each other.  Your cream, powder or gel will get keep on getting stripped away, every step you take.
This is why we made No More Chafe - Thigh Guards, you need physical protection from a constant damaging physical process. Buy the product 1 time and it lasts for years.  This is the only real 100% solution.

When should I put them on?

You should put them on at the beginning of your task, trip or journey.  For most people that means before work, and in the morning before their day starts.  Try to put them on before your underwear, just to make sure you get a proper seal and proper protection on your thighs.

Do they stay up?

Yes. Definitely!! We have a patented design, specifically making sure that they stay up for all your activites. No other compression gear or protective gear, in the sports world, the medical world or the entire world has our design. You can run, jump, skip, bend, squat, jog, do anything you want, that's why we love them so much.

How long can you wear them for?

You can wear them for as long as you want.  Wear them all day & wear them all night.   This product is like your underwear or socks, you wear them for long periods of time.

When do they work the best?

The Thigh Guards perform the best when you are sweating.  The more you sweat, the more the silicone grippers, stick to your skin and hold very very well.

Can I get chafe first and then put the Thigh Guards on after that?

Technically you can but just remember by that time your skin is already red, with rashes, and sores.  So the Thigh Guards will stop any more skin on skin contact and prevent further damage, but they will be covering over sensitive, red and raw skin, so it may still feel a little irritable but you will be protected.   The best thing to do is to put the Thigh Guards on at the start of the day, or at the beginning of your task, trip or journey.  That way, you never have to worry about anything again.  It's just free, smooth and comfortable walking for the whole day.

Can I wear one Thigh Guard at a time?

Unfortunately not.  If you wear one Thigh Guard and keep your other leg bare, your bare leg will rub against your Thigh Guard leg,  as your bare skin rubs against the Thigh Guard, this will lead to micro-dermal cuts, which will then cause chafing on your bare leg rather quickly.

How long are shipping times?

Our distribution warehouse is located in Sydney, and we ship our products to you using Australia Post.


Parcel Post: 2 business days
Express Post: Next business day


Parcel Post: 4 business days
Express Post: Next business day


Parcel Post: 4 business days
Express Post: Next business day


Parcel Post: 5-6 business days
Express Post: Next business day


Parcel Post: 3-4 business days
Express Post: Next business day


Parcel Post: 5-6 business days
Express Post: Next business day

To check international & domestic delivery times and costs, you can use the Australia Post calculator. Click the link below. We send from: Botany NSW 2019

What happens if they do slide off?

They really, absolutely do not slide off.  But here are some negative scenarios:

You have failed to keep the silicone grippers clean. Please when you wash the Thigh Guards, make sure you specifically clean the silicone grippers, if they get dirty (invisible dirt / dead skin cells), then they will fail to grip onto your legs immediately.  They will grip to your legs eventually, but the first 5-10 minutes will not be fun.  (Note. It takes a couple of weeks of neglect for the silicone grippers to be blanketed in dirt, but it's recommended you clean them after each use, just to make sure you'll always be fine)

You apply cream, oils, or lubricants to you thighs. Please avoid the application of these products to your thighs whenever you want to use the Thigh Guards, and make sure the effects of these creams and oils are not still prevalent when you want to use the Thigh Guards.

You live in an extremely cold climate. Full disclosure we did all of our testing in Australia, the lowest temperature we tested in was 8°C / 46°F and they worked fine. If you do live in a cold climate country please send us some news and feedback, we would love to hear how they perform in these conditions.

What is the magic glue that will always ensure maximum grip?

The magic glue is...........WATER!!  If you're ever not confident about the gripping effectiveness of the Thigh Guards, just wipe some water onto the silicone grippers and feel them instantly lock onto your skin.  

What are they made of?

82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.

They are made like all other compression gear and sports gear.  Very comfortable,  very flexible.

What are the washing instructions?

Washing instructions are printed on the tags.    Hand wash is the recommended option.  (You can potentially machine wash, just not with whites)