10 Ways to Prevent Chafing from Destroying your Beach Day

10 Ways to Prevent Chafing from Destroying your Beach Day

Posted by Jack Miller on 14th Oct 2020

We all look forward to long days at the beach over the summer. However, with the beautiful weather comes a major discomfort, thigh chafing. Most people suffer from chafing at some capacity over the summer season, and the discomfort can really put a damper on your day. Here are ten solutions to help stop chafing for a painless day by the sea.

1. Shower frequently

Most beaches have public showers which can be a saviour against the build-up of sand and seawater. Make sure to shower regularly throughout the day and dry properly afterward to keep your skin clear of afflicting a painful chafing rash.

2. Consider your beach outfit

You need to wear fabrics that wick moisture away from your body to avoid chafing at the beach. A misconception is that cotton is light and airy so a good choice, but cotton absorbs moisture very easily, leaving you with wet clothes, increasing your chances of chafing.

3. Wear anti-chafing bands

Thigh bands can be worn discretely under shorts, sarongs, and dresses. This will allow you to freely run, walk, and skip around the sand without irritation. Anti chafing thigh bands are designed for high performance and will last for many years, so a great investment for the summer season.

4. Prepare with a change of clothes

After swimming, make sure to change out of wet clothes. Wet material will rub between your thighs, and with the addition of sand from the beach, you will be left with incredibly agitated chafed skin. Preparing with a change of dry clothes will make an enormous difference to your comfort levels.

5. Sweat-free sun protection

Chafing can be mitigated with a sun-screen that is sweat resistant. There are anti-chafe sunscreens available to reduce the amount of moisture you are emitting in the summer sun.

6. Wear shorts over your swimwear

Wearing an extra layer over your shorts when you go swimming will mean the material from your swimwear will potentially rub against your shorts instead of against your skin.

7. Wear tight swimwear

Baggy swimwear will immediately rub against your skin, creating a toxic concoction of sunscreen, sand, and seawater - all the ingredients for a painful chafing rash.

8. Choose a beach chair over a towel

Beach towels attract sand; there is no way to avoid it. By using a beach chair, you can eliminate the possibility of chafing after coming out from the water by lying on a sandy wet towel.

9. Don’t swim with chafed skin

If you already have broken skin from chafing, stick to dry land. Chafing rash and saltwater will sting, and could make the problem much worse.

10. Corn starch the sand away

Whilst you are hanging out at the beach, put corn starch on any of the primary chafing areas to immediately get rid of the sand from your skin.

The combination of sun, sand, and seawater can be a recipe for extremely irritable chafing rashes, so preparation is key. No More Chafe Thigh Guards are a great preventative solution, performing particularly well in the warmer weather and allowing you to enjoy the beach free of pain.