3 Situations Where Unexpected Chafing May Occur

3 Situations Where Unexpected Chafing May Occur

Posted by Jack Miller on 12th Oct 2021

When you think of chafing, you probably associate it with rigorous exercises such as running and cycling. And, while it's true that chafing is more likely to occur during physical activities like these, it can also happen during a variety of other activities. It's better to be prepared for chafing at all times - especially during the spring and summer when chafing is more prevalent due to your skin's natural sweating response. This article explores some of the situations in which unexpected chafing may occur, and how you can help to minimise the risk of chafing during these times.

Chafing in the office

Though it may surprise you, experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of chafing whilst at work or in the office is a fairly frequent experience. This is because one of the most common reasons why you chafe is due to the choice of material that you are wearing. If your uniform is made from a non-absorbent fabric or is restrictive on a particular area of your body such as the arms or thighs, then it is more likely to create friction against your skin, which leads to chafing.

One way that you can lower the risks of chafing in the office is by investing in an easy-to-apply chafing treatment designed to stop chafing before it starts.

Chafing on a day out

As inner thigh chafing is most often synonymous with high-intensity workouts, you don't often expect to experience chafing whilst you are enjoying a leisurely day out in sunny Australia with friends and family. However, even an action as simple as walking can make you prone to chafing, especially if the weather is hot or you are wearing restrictive clothing.

Experiencing chafing can dampen your entire day, which is why it's important to take preventative measures such as wearing anti-chafing thigh bands that have been specifically designed to combat the risks of chafing and protect your skin from irritation.

Chafing in your sleep

You probably think that chafing can't occur during your sleep as, for the most part, you're largely immobile and comfortable all night. However, you would be wrong! Chafing can occur at any time, even while you're asleep at night. If you have pyjamas or a blanket that is made from an irritative material, or if you get excessively hot whilst you sleep due to your sleeping arrangements, you could wake up to the unpleasant sensation of chafing.

There are a number of chafing guards that you can buy in order to reduce the likelihood of chafing whilst asleep, as well as remedies to reduce the sting of a chafing rash if you're unfortunate enough to wake up with chafing.

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