3-Step Plan to Deal with Chafe

3-Step Plan to Deal with Chafe

Posted by Jack Miller on 11th Mar 2020

Spring is here and you are dreaming of a romantic walk along a sandy beach or an afternoon stroll to your favourite park. However, as soon as you start that walk, the nightmare of inner thigh chafing starts! Don’t worry you are not alone, many of us face this dreadful reality that starts with itching, proceeds to a burn and then finally makes even the shortest walk, seem like a mile long.

Chafe is caused by friction and perspiration, and the constant rubbing of the skin against opposing skin on the body or clothing materials. Some of the most common causes of chafe could be:

  • Hot weather
  • Sensitive skin
  • Salt particles from sweat
  • Gritty sand from the beach
  • Minerals sitting on the skin
  • Previous skin irritation
  • Excessive girth on the thighs
  • Super active lifestyle

The irksome consequences of chafed skin could be:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Blistering
  • Bleeding and plasma in extreme cases

Here are three effective steps that can help you stay away from chafe;

1. Stay Clean - Dirt, salt and sweat in your thigh area could be the prime culprits of chafe. So, keeping your body clean is an easy first step to avoiding chafing between the thighs. As soon as you finish a vigorous sports activity, either take a shower or wipe your thighs with a warm clean towel.

2. Stay Dry - After you are done with a sweaty activity, make sure you change your damp clothing. This keeps the moisture away and lets your skin stay dry. Pat dry your skin every now and then to avoid dampness.

3. Reduce Friction - The best way to reduce thigh friction is by getting a pair of good quality thigh bands. Wearing anti chafing thigh bands will protect your thighs and does not give friction a chance! They are a great solution as you can wear them under all your favourite clothes and wave goodbye to the chafe.