6 Myths about Thigh Chafing that Aren't True

6 Myths about Thigh Chafing that Aren't True

Posted by Jack Miller on 6th May 2020

Thigh chafing is incredibly common, but that doesn't mean everyone can tell the difference between fact and fiction. Lots of people feel embarrassed when experiencing inner thigh chafing. One of the main reasons is all the rumours and myths surrounding the condition, like the idea that it's a sign of being unfit or overweight. Thigh chafing has a bad reputation but we're going to dispel some of the falsehoods surrounding it. 

Here are six myths about thigh chafing that are just not true.

Only overweight people experience thigh chafing 

This is not true. Thigh chafing is essentially caused by friction, something that can be worsened by dry skin, excessive sweating or even wearing the wrong kinds of fabric. Even the most toned and athletic person can experience chafing; in fact, many athletes do chafe when exercising!

Inner thigh chafing can be prevented with talcum powder

Not only are both these homemade solutions messy but they are also largely ineffective. Anti-chafing shorts or thigh bands are the only real solution. While it is true that talcum powder can absorb moisture and temporarily make discomfort from chafing less unpleasant, it is only a quick fix. There are also multiple claims surrounding the health risks of applying talcum powder near to the groin, particularly linked with ovarian cancer.

Applying cream or oil will prevent chafing

Wrong! Not only will this stain your clothes, but it can also actually make the chafing situation worse. Especially if it is hot and you are already sweating. Creams will create more moisture and can also cause more sweating. As sweat contains salt, this can cause further irritation to the area, in addition to more ‘stickiness’ and general discomfort.

You should only wear loose-fitting clothes if you suffer from chafing

This is not true. Whilst wearing tight jeans in the heat is obviously not going to do you any favours, it doesn’t have to be linen all the way. Specialist cycling shorts or compression shorts are designed to give a skintight fit that will prevent chafing for the lower body or thigh area.

Thigh chafing gives you spots

Thigh chafing does not cause spots or pimples directly but the chafing could create conditions, that attracts bacteria. It is the bacteria combined with the friction that can cause abscesses filled with pus, and these can sometimes look like normal breakouts. 

Chafing makes you smell bad

Chafing without complications does not make you smell. However, if chafing is left unmanaged and leads to a bacterial infection then this can cause an unpleasant odour in the area. You may notice pus-filled abscesses in addition to a different smell. In order to prevent this from occurring, a mechanical barrier such as thigh guards is the best option. 

So now that we have debunked common chafing myths for you, you can stop feeling embarrassed about the situation. If it's causing you stress and discomfort, try investing in some thigh guards. Not only will you be able to get on with your normal day without that annoying chafing pain, but you can also run, jump, bend and stretch to your heart's content, because they are designed to stay exactly in place throughout all movements and activities.