6 Tips to Alleviate Chafing on the Tennis Court

6 Tips to Alleviate Chafing on the Tennis Court

Posted by Jack Miller on 13th Dec 2021

Summer is the perfect time to break out your tennis racquet and enjoy a game or two with friends. However, chafe can be a problem with this fast-paced sport. This issue can make your experience on the court miserable, especially during the hot summer months.

We know what it’s like to feel this way, so we’ve compiled six things you can do to fix the problem. Read on to find out more.

1. Wear the right clothing for your sport

One of the best things you can do is to make sure you wear the right tennis clothing. Foremost, make sure your clothes fit properly and aren’t too baggy (which can lead to bunching) or too tight (which also increases the risk of chafing).

2. Wear a sports bra to help with breast chafing and give support

Wearing a sports bra can also help reduce chafing. Since a sports bra gives extra support where an ordinary one wouldn’t, the friction between the fabric and your skin is lessened. This decreases the risk of breast chafing during an intense tennis match — something that will no doubt make the game much more enjoyable to play!

3. Apply powder to the affected areas before playing a game

Powder is another great thing to use when you’re playing tennis in order to keep chafing at bay. If you have a particular area that’s being affected, consider using a product like cornstarch powder. It’s a safe alternative to talc and works just as well to minimize the risk of irritation and further discomfort.

4. Change clothes immediately after play is finished - avoid sitting in sweaty clothes

One of the best ways to prevent chafing while playing tennis is to change your clothes as soon as you’re done. This means avoiding sitting around in sweaty clothes, which can lead to increased irritation and discomfort. If you can, try to take a shower as soon as possible after finishing your match—this will help get rid of any bacteria that might linger on your skin and increase the likelihood of avoiding future chafing issues.

5. Use anti-chafe ointment on problem areas before putting on any other garments

Anti chafing ointment is something that might help you lubricate chafing in areas that are problematic for you. For example, if your neckline gets flaky and irritated after short periods of time, it’s worth using anti-chafe ointment there before putting on a shirt. The same goes for your inner thighs and underarms.

6) Use anti-chafing thigh guards

If you’re experiencing thigh chafing, try using some anti chafing underwear while playing your game of tennis. At No More Chafe, we have created a range of comfortable, discreet products to help you avoid chafing-related discomfort while doing any sport or activity. Check out our tips for finding the thigh guard to fit you here.

The bottom Line

Eliminating chafing can make your tennis experience much more enjoyable this summer. If you stick to the above tips when playing, chances are you won’t have any issues with discomfort or irritation while enjoying your favourite sport.

For more tips on preventing chafing, visit our blog. Or browse our store for our full range of effective anti-chafe products, designed to reduce the risk of redness and irritation caused by chafing.