Achieve No More Chafe with Thigh Bands

Achieve No More Chafe with Thigh Bands

Posted by Jack Miller on 8th Apr 2020

Everyone loves summer for the freedom it brings along, the liberty of wearing your favourite hip clothes, the feel of the sea breeze at a beach vacation, the chances of going for a run in the park in your new, fab shorts. But for many of us, unfortunately, summer brings along irritating and painful inner thigh chafe.

Skin-on-skin contact is the major reason why we get inner thigh chafing, it is such a high contact area, that we develop thigh chafing quite quickly and regularly during the summer months. A cause of chafing that is less recognised is fabric-on-skin contact and actually this can be more damaging and painful because fabrics are quite rough and coarse which leads to a harsh stripping away of the skin. During summer, when everybody sweats more, skin-on-skin contact and fabric-on-skin contact really can ruin your day, especially if you're at work and you have to complete a long shift.  When you get chafe and you have to continuously move and be active, there is nothing worse than, every step feeling a horrible pain between your thighs. And what makes this state of affairs even worse is that with every step, your skin is getting more damaged, the chafe is getting worse, and the pain is getting worse. 

When it comes to tried and tested chafing treatment and prevention, chafing shorts for men & women are thought of as a suitable solution, but most of these shorts do not absorb moisture and rather encourage the inner thigh chafing. Similarly, many people depend on topical over the counter solutions like lotions and talcum powders. The truth about these is that they don’t provide a reliable or preventable solution.

There is a product that is actually a lifesaver for many people out there. Investing in an outstanding, stretchable pair of anti chafing thigh bands that protect the thighs by creating a protective shield could be the ideal solution. They are comfortable, easy to wear and even easier to buy, all you need to do is to log on to

The marvellous news is that these thigh bands are made for Australian weather friendly and they stay up all day long! So, What are you waiting for- just get them under and stop the chafe.