Are you looking for an effective solution to thigh chafing this summer?

Are you looking for an effective solution to thigh chafing this summer?

Posted by Jack Miller on 14th Apr 2020

At No More Chafe, we understand the battle you go through every time you perform even simple tasks like walking, and how difficult that can become when you get chafe. If you are a regular sufferer of inner thigh chafing, we are sure you would have tried many chafing treatments including creams, powders and gels. However, you would have realized that none of these are a permanent and effective solution for the chafe. Creams are often very slimy, and uncomfortable to apply, they tend to trap moisture and make the chafing situation worse. The issue with powders is that rub off as soon as you walk, and they have been associated with different forms of cancer. As far as petroleum jelly goes, it is very greasy, and feels very strange between your thighs when you start walking.  They will usually rub off after 15 minutes and you're right back to the same chafing problems you had before. 

So, what could be the solution?

Well! Have you tried our thigh guards yet?! If you are someone looking for a strong solution and total prevention from  annoying, painful thigh chafing, these unisex anti chafing thigh bands could be just the right thing for you. You can put them for any task, like a regular workday, a sweaty exercise session or on a vacation day that involves lots of exploring and walking.

What thigh bands do is they give your thighs a smooth protective layer while creating a physical barrier that does let your thigh skin rub against each other all day long. They are great for all day & night protection because they stay in their place and are specifically designed to stay in place with constant activity. When your thighs are protected from rubbing against each other, the chafe does not get the chance to show up and your skin stays perfectly healthy.

Thinking of trying them and wondering where to find these thigh bands? Worry no more and just log on to and select your size and preferred colour today!