Avoid Chafing- Make The Right Choices

Avoid Chafing- Make The Right Choices

Posted by Jack Miller on 28th Jul 2019

All of us love summers, don’t we?

Summers are great and many of us wait for the summer throughout the year. The comfortable, warm temperatures bring great joys like longer days, milder weather, and of course more chances of heading out. It’s a good time for walking, running, jogging and cycling. However, only the sufferers know that the beautiful summer also brings along a very uncomfortable condition the thigh chafing. For this reason, we are always looking for stylish anti-chafing products, but not everything works.

The rising mercury brings more perspiration, and many of us experience thigh chafing. The condition affects both men and women, however, one reason for women’s chafing is the most loved summer outfits like short shorts and skirts. In severe cases, the chafe can make the skin itchy, irritated, raw, can even result in blisters and boils. However, it’s not just summer that brings the chafe, it happens for many reasons through all seasons!

The main reason for the thigh chafing is friction. The friction that happens when thighs rub either against each other or they rub against clothing. So, for this reason, even the wintery dry skin can bring the chafing for many of us. Beach and water sports lovers can also be prone to this condition as sand particles and sweat are known culprits. It is a common belief that overweight people experience chafing however it can happen to anyone who experiences friction in the thigh zone.

So, if you want to enjoy your favourite activities without the chafe, here are a few tips on How to Avoid Chafing in Any Season:

Clean up well but gently- Clean the inner thigh area with a gentle cleanser like a chemical-free soap bar and never scrub and already irritated skin. Harsh products like detergent-based soaps and scented scrubs can make walking an even bigger nightmare.

Moisturize but don’t overdo it- Use a plain petroleum jelly after you take a shower. This helps prevent inflammation and lets the product stay on the skin for longer. Avoid using any greasy creams, lotions and ointments as they produce sweat and increase the irritation. Never go for creams with fragrance or fancy ingredients as they can disturb the natural Ph balance of the skin.

Invest in the effective Anti-chafing thigh bands- No matter how many anti-chafe products you buy, thigh chafing is inevitable when you wear a dress and walk. So, getting a pair of good quality thigh guards can be very beneficial. No more chafe makes Stylish Anti-chafing Bands for Men, as well as for women.

Get smart with your wardrobe- Switch to cotton clothes as they are soft and breathable. Avoid compression wear as it traps heat and aggravates the condition. Instead, wear thigh guards under your clothes and flaunt your favourite clothes.

If the situation worsens, meet your doctors- Despite efforts, if the chafe doesn’t get better, see the doctor to rule out an infection. Open skin can be a host to yeast and bacteria that might need medical attention.