Beat the Irksome Issue of Thigh Chafing with Thigh Guards

Beat the Irksome Issue of Thigh Chafing with Thigh Guards

Posted by Jack Miller on 8th Jul 2019

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Thigh chafing is perceived as one of the most prevalent thigh-related skin problems. It occurs due to friction between the inner thighs, which leads to irksome red, blister-like lesions. Thigh chafing can also cause a burning & stinging sensation in the affected areas.


  • Hot or humid weather
  • Thighs touching and rubbing together
  • Weight gain due to sedentary lifestyles
  • Obesity
  • Sweating due to routine physical activities or exercise 
  • Pregnancy
  • Moisture confined to skin folds
  • Using fabrics that do not absorb excess moisture 
  • Wearing tight bottoms and thin skirts, bringing your legs closer together
  • Wearing heavy shorts, or long pants trapping heat along the entire leg  


  • Burning sensation at the insides of the thigh
  • Redness
  • Flat rashes
  • Blister-like lesions or boils 
  • Hyper-sensitivity upon the touch
  • Pain when walking and running
  • Itchiness when the skin is healing

In the circumstances which you notice the above symptoms, you could be experiencing thigh chafing. Patients of frequent thigh chafing may have brown spots in the inner part of the thighs. They can appear after the chafed skin heals. If you have persistent chafing, the above symptom and episodes will be recurring.

Common Thigh Chafing Remedies

Thigh chafing can be painful and inconvenient as it leads to quite extraordinary discomfort. It does not allow you to continue walking, running or performing any activities where your thighs brush passed each other. Some of the popular remedies to prevent chafing include:

Thigh chafing cream or balm: One of the remedies for new lesions of thigh chafing is a cream or balm formulated with lubricants. These products are available as stick applicators and in small tubs. They are best applied to heal the skin, so rub them on at night before sleep.

Baby powder: Baby powder prevents the accumulation of moisture and in that sense it curbs thigh chafing. Powder will fall away fairly quickly. Apply baby or body powder to the inner thighs before you get dressed and reapply as and when needed.

Petroleum jelly: Burning sensation can be alleviated with the help of the lubricating effects of petroleum jelly.  It can create a temporary gelatinous barrier between your thighs, but will rub away during activity, reapply as needed.

Thigh bands – The Most Effective Thigh Chafing Remedy

Thigh guards are, hands down, the best option for patients with chafed thighs as it prevents further injury to the affected area. Thigh guards are specifically designed to protect your inner thighs, by creating adaptive material barriers between your legs, there will be no chance of chafing whatsoever.

In addition, they are suitable for athletes as they effectively absorb and wick away extra sweat, with their flexible, stretchy and athlete friendly materials. When you wear thigh guards they impart a sense of comfort to the thighs, and a smooth walking sensation. You will no longer have to slather the application of any chemicals or greasy gels in between your legs, which feels very discomforting. No More Chafe offers best anti-chafing thigh bands as an alternative to all those obsolete products like creams, gels and powders.

These thigh guards are designed with a protective flap that cushions the inside of the thighs and a compensation system that prevents their slippage. It also comes with silicone grippers that make it suitable for use in all high-performance sports. The bands are available in various sizes and colors to suit the preferences of all users.

If you are looking for fashionable thigh bands for your chafed thighs that are also effective, try No More Chafe thigh bands Gold Coast and feel liberated without any worry or pain.