Best Things to Stop Chafing at Work

Best Things to Stop Chafing at Work

Posted by Jack Miller on 1st Nov 2021

For those of us with demanding jobs or workplaces that require constantly moving or standing, chafe is likely to happen. With the humidity, sweat, heat and friction going on in our more sensitive areas, chub rub and chafing keep happening.

You’re probably already familiar with the feeling that can cause friction and discomfort all the way up to rashes and serious welts. It can be as painful as walking around with blisters in your most delicate areas.

It can happen anywhere on the body but is usually around your thighs, groin, underarms, and nipple area. Wherever the skin is sensitive or vulnerable to the conditions perfect for chafing.

It can happen when you’re working at an outdoor venue, anxious while prepping a talk or presentation, on your feet for long hours, or aggravated by certain fabrics (especially polyester and rayon) that aren’t kind to you in unforgiving office temperatures.

Whatever the reason, chafing at work can be a serious problem that makes it difficult to concentrate or go about your day comfortably. Luckily, No More Chafe are here to help with a guide about how to stop chafing at work.

Be kind to chafed areas and allow them to heal

You probably already know that chafed areas are sore and can serve to only cause a snowball effect when it comes to more chafing. So, the best thing to do is to be gentle and soothe your chafe to make sure it heals quickly.

Use restorative ointments and soothing moisturisers as a chafing treatment before bedtime. Vaseline and nappy rash creams are also good alternatives and affordable. Make sure not to use scented or “active” soaps in the shower while the skin is healing.

Avoid touching the area or itching the skin as this will only aggravate it. Try sleeping without your blanket covering the area so it can heal in the air.

Plan your outfits based on your activity for the day

This may seem obvious but if you’re suffering from chafing it could be because you’re not wearing the right material for your daily tasks at work.

Looser fitting clothes can help to solve the chafing curse of form-fitting clothes. You can also wear moisture-wicking fabrics that will help to keep your body temperature regulated and avoid that sticky feeling of too-tight clothes.

Consider also keeping a spare change of clothes at work if you get too warm or sweaty.

Invest in specially-designed thigh guards

Be proactive and eliminate chafing around the thighs with purposely designed thigh bands. These act as the best  barrier to completely stop chafed skin between your thighs.

You can find thigh guards for all genders and body shapes from trusted companies like No More Chafe. These can help to minimise and prevent chafing before it happens and are made especially for the high demands of the workplace.

For all of your anti-chafing needs, get in touch with No More Chafe today.