Chafing and Formalwear: What You Can Do

Chafing and Formalwear: What You Can Do

Posted by Jack Miller on 2nd Jul 2021

From wedding events and formal dinners to networking meetings and award shows, formalwear is something most of us can’t avoid – especially in the hotter months of the year. So, whether you’re opting for a daring stand-out dress or you’re wearing something more understated, chafe is hard to avoid in the average formal outfit.

How can you keep chafing at bay while looking your best? To prevent thigh chafing and enjoy your posh parties or fancy events to the fullest, investing in high-quality thigh chafing bands might be the ideal option for you. Here’s why:

No need to carry around clunky chafing sticks or balms

Whether your preference for upmarket events is a tiny clutch or you prefer to go without a bag at all, chafing sticks or balms don’t fit into the minimalist look you’re trying to pull off. Chafing shorts and thigh chafing bands mean you don’t have to lug around extra accessories all night, freeing up precious purse space for the things that matter, like your phone, keys and cash for the cab home.

Long-lasting chafe relief that doesn’t mess up your outfits

While some creams or balms can leave greasy stains on your costly formalwear, you don’t have that problem with non-topical chafing products. For chafing bands to work their magic, all you need to do is slip them on and wear them all night long. No messing up your outfit, sticking to fabrics, or adding an unwanted element to your look for the evening.

Suitable for dresses and skirts of all lengths

One of the problems with more traditional chafing shorts or bloomers is their length. To be completely effective, these shorts often reach further down the mid-thigh to ensure all-over chafing protection. However, if you’re planning on wearing a shorter skirt or you’re concerned your shorts will show when you sit, chafing bands offer the ideal alternative. As a shorter-length option, they work with just about any skirt or dress so you can remain 100% chafe-free.

Don’t spend all your time sitting at events

Circulating while networking or getting on the dancefloor at your best friend’s wedding are standard parts of formal events. So, if you spend your whole time sitting or standing 'just so' to avoid chafing, you might find that you’re missing out. Instead of spending time thinking about avoiding chafe, thigh bands give you the freedom to get out there without a second thought to chafing legs a far more enjoyable night as a whole.

Limit trips to the bathroom without the need for additional chafe relief

One of the main issues with other chafing methods is the need for re-application. Whether you’re at a wedding that runs until one in the morning or you're out at an event before heading to a bar, the last thing you want to do is reapply chafing products every hour. With well-fitted chafing shorts or bands, the work is done for you, and you can make the most of your time out without fear of the dreaded chafe ruining the following day.

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