Chafing in the Office: An Uncomfortable Workplace Secret

Chafing in the Office: An Uncomfortable Workplace Secret

Posted by Jack Miller on 2nd Sep 2020

Are you, or your colleagues, business partners or boss concealing an uncomfortable secret? Thigh chafing is an all-too-common predicament that can leave sufferers in considerable pain. If you're tired of limping your way through the day, or resorting to unsatisfactory anti-chafing remedies involving creams, gels, or even bandages, help is at hand! Take a look at how well designed anti-chafing thigh guards can transform your work life.

Chafing can happen to anyone

When it comes to chafing, friction and perspiration are your two greatest enemies. Unfortunately, many workers discover it's all too easy for their occupation to create the perfect conditions for chafing to occur. Workwear is frequently not best suited to comfortable movement: from uniforms made from non-absorbent fabrics through to more formal wear that's styled to look professional rather than to fit comfortably, work clothes can provide a powerful catalyst for chafing to occur.

Any worker can fall victim to the chafe

Paradoxically, both active and sedentary jobs can result in chafing. Active workers find that their inner thighs are a vulnerable target for friction due to putting in the distance during the day. Workers at desk jobs, particularly in warmer offices, may find that the inner thigh area is particularly vulnerable to excessive perspiration - damp skin is far more likely to chafe after just a short period of activity.

No escape from the chafe...until now!

Most people don't have the luxury of taking off a few days once chafing has developed - which is when the problem can become a real nuisance. Who wants to be gingerly stepping out when there is work to be done? If you notice your colleagues are a little slower than usual, or have adopted an unusual, slightly bow-legged walk, it's a fair guess that chafing could be at the root of their problem.

Anti-chafing thigh bands - chafe healing magic!

Once thigh rub has occurred, it's not going to clear up unless the source of the problem (damp thighs rubbing together, skin-on-skin) is removed. This is where our anti chafing thigh guards come in! Specifically designed to eliminate the problem of chafing, the thigh guards are packed with features which ensure an effective solution that's suitable for everybody.

Chafe guards that stay in place

Made from fabric that's been specifically formulated to wick moisture away from the body, the thigh guards use silicone anti-slip bands which mould to the individual contours of the wearer. Created to cover the entire area of your inner thigh chafing, once on, these thigh guards will stay in place, no matter what you're up to. Ideal for office workers, they're also fantastic for tradesmen, farmers, shop workers, hairdressers, surgeons, nurses and anyone else who needs a stay-put chafing solution.

No need for creams, powders, wraps or other paraphernalia

Chafe guards protect the vulnerable inner thigh skin, significantly reducing the risk of chafing from occurring. For people who are already suffering, the chafe guards can prevent the problem from getting worse, as well as provide a suitable environment for healing to take place.

Tired of your workplace chafing secret? Our thigh guards ensure you'll never chafe again!