Changes in Clothing that could Prevent Chafing

Changes in Clothing that could Prevent Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 6th Feb 2020

We can all agree on one thing. Chafing sucks! All of us would like to avoid it, not have to think about it, and never have to deal with it. You know those new fresh clothes you buy, stylish, cool and happening.  Unfortunately those clothes of ours may be the main culprit in causing chafe.  So the next time you put on a garment, perhaps you should take a second look.

Inner thigh chafing is the skin being damage caused by repetitive friction. This friction could result from two things:

  • skin-on-skin contact
  • clothing-on-skin contact

The result of this friction could be skin injury, rash, blisters or tender skin, pain and difficulty in movement.

Any activity that involves repeated motion could cause inner thigh chafing in males and females. Some major contributors that cause chafe could be:

  • Clothing that doesn’t fit well
  • Excessive walking, running or cycling
  • Hot temperatures
  • Dampness
  • Perspiration
  • Delicate skin
  • Over developed muscles
  • Overweight

Changes in clothing could lead to no more chafe:

Replace cotton: Cotton might seem like it’s a great summer clothing option, but it could be the main culprit for your inner thigh chafing. If you sweat a lot, your cotton shorts or pants could take a long time to dry leaving you with very damp clothing, which does dreadful things to your skin. Switching to synthetic and dry wicking garments could be a good idea.

Prevent chafe with Protective Wear: Invest in great quality Thigh Guards that keep your thighs protected and don’t let your skin rub against each other. Made with silicone grippers, and a patented specialty design, anti-chafing thigh guards stay in their place while you enjoy your favorite activities and wear your favorite clothing.

Go for a good fit: Well fitted clothes, especially when it comes to undergarments, could help you stay chafe free. A very tight pair of briefs could ride up or down, and let your thighs rub against each other, therefore leading to chafe. Make sure your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose because either case could lead to chafe.

Be aware of tags and seams: Seams around the inner thigh area, leads to an increase in the risk of chafing. Seams are extraordinarily rough, so if your thighs are rubbing against them for any amount of time, they are going to cause significant damage. Go for seamless underwear that allows for a smooth covering of your inner thighs, keeping them away from chafe.

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