Clean, Soothe and Cover Up for a Delightful Summer

Clean, Soothe and Cover Up for a Delightful Summer

Posted by Jack Miller on 20th Jan 2020

Are you tired of spending money on anti-chafing products that claim to put your inner thighs at ease? Well, at least you're not the only one! A chafe-free summer is every persons dream. So we are always looking for immediate relief from chafing in Australia. Trying to avoid ending up with chafed thighs and a lighter wallet.

Inner thigh chafing, also called chub rub happens when the thighs rub against each other or against fabric repetitively, causing damage to the skin of your inner thighs. Hot weather, humidity, sweat, moisture, incorrect clothing and an overactive lifestyle are some of culprits of inner thigh chafing. Chafe brings symptoms like rashes, stinging, burning sensation, bumps, blisters, or even blood.

Here are a few basics you could follow regularly to soothe your thighs and keep the chafe away from you this summer:

  1. Wash them up: After a long day of walking with your thighs slapping into each other, making you miserable, a cool shower will soothe your agony almost immediately. A warm bath with a chemical-free gentle soap could help you avoid turning chafe into an infection.
  2. Get germs out ASAP: Disinfecting your affected skin with a gentle anti-bacterial agent like witch hazel, thyme, calendula, tea tree and lavender would not only kill bacteria and fungus, but it’s super gentle, and it feels fresh!
  3. Pat dry and layer, it up: Always aim for zero dampness with your inner thigh area, as this keeps humidity away and stops the chafe from appearing. After you gently pat your skin dry, put on a thin layer of a natural moisturizer like aloe vera or vitamin E cream. 
  4. Get Thigh Guards: Thighs rubbing together is the major cause of your pain, so just keeping them protected could do the trick. Getting a pair of anti-chafing thigh guards could give you a chance to heal, and will prevent chafe entirely.

This summer learn to stay away from the chafe by keeping your thighs cool, dry and protected!