Complaining Teenagers? How to Help your Teens Get Rid of Chafing

Complaining Teenagers? How to Help your Teens Get Rid of Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th Aug 2020

Being a teenager is hard and being a parent to a teenager is even harder, especially when they’re not in the best mood. From slamming doors to giving grunts as a reply, sometimes it’s hard to decode what’s really irritated them, or what might be irritating their body. If you suspect that your teenager’s mood swings might be down to painful chafed skin, then here’s a few tips that might help improve their mood.

Go clothes shopping

Very few teenagers will turn down a shopping trip, so if you notice your teen struggling with chafing, then it might be time for some new clothes. Fill their wardrobe with breathable cotton garments that can help prevent chafing by allowing any sweat or dampness to dry without causing friction against sensitive skin. Avoid seams and folds that can dig into the skin and in summer opt for shorts with light, breathable material. Girls can even get away with some light shorts or thigh bands under a flowy dress or skirt.

Stock up their bathroom cupboard

If your teen is reluctant to talk about their chafing issues, then simply pop some anti-chafing products in their bathroom and nothing more needs to be said. A natural deodorant, some talc-like powder and an anti-chafe cream are just some daily essentials that can help prevent chafing. Swap all their minty or floral shower products for unscented alternatives that are less likely to cause irritation to sensitive, chafed skin.

Advise them about chafing remedies

If you notice your teen rubbing their thighs in pain while watching walking around, then suggest some chafing remedies. Yes, they may squirm at the thought of their parent buying them Vaseline or even diaper rash cream, but once they start using these products to help heal their chafed skin, they’ll soon be thanking you. Just make sure they use these after they’ve showered and before bed. Ensure they don’t cover up with clothing that will just wipe them off too.

Introduce them to thigh bands

Thigh bands are the best solution for chafing and provide almost instant relief for chafed skin. Thigh bands are really affordable, so grab some for your teenager and suggest they wear them under their clothes when working a shift at their part-time job, playing sports or even just going for a walk. These tailored products grip onto the skin so they won’t move out of place, no matter how active your teens are.

Pack the essentials

If you’re heading out for a day trip with the family, make sure you pack some essentials in your car that will help prevent chafing. Whether you’re going for a hike, a day at the beach or just a relaxing walk, have a few towels on hand to dry off sweat that can lead to chafing as well as a spare set of dry clothes and thigh bands for your teenager to change into if they need. And in chafing emergencies, it’s not ideal but that lip balm in your handbag might come in very handy until you get home.