​Deal with Chafing Symptoms with Little Additions

​Deal with Chafing Symptoms with Little Additions

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th Feb 2020

Chafing is an annoying actuality for so many of us here in Australia, however, you don't have to live with it permanently. Where there is inner thigh chafing male or female, there are reliable methods to keep it under a check. No matter what your shape, what your size or whether you are a man or woman, you can cure your chafe if you follow the right steps.

Read on to know some ways to defeat the most bothersome chafing symptoms:

Choose your clothes carefully

Incorrect formal and exercise clothing could be one of the culprits that contribute towards getting chafe. Sitting for long hours, walking for long stretches of time and being active for hours in wrong and ill-fitted clothing could be increasing your chafe troubles.

Abandon all loose-fitting pants, and long pants especially the jeans, and leather clothing items. Such clothes trap moisture and irritate the skin and bring out symptoms like red, tender and raw skin. Experts suggest choosing garments that can deal with moisture while clinging to your thighs like anti chafing underwear.

Treat the friction

Excessive rubbing of the thighs against each other because of walking, working out, and wearing short shorts, polyester shorts, work shorts, could injure your inner-thigh skin. As the skin here is soft and delicate, any rubbing leads quickly to damaged skin, which is a quick path to uncomfortable thigh chafing.

A mild and chemical-free moisturizer could be a great solution, as this reduces friction safely. Another solution for this same problem could be a roll-on deodorant stick. A roll-on could work well for runners and bikers and protect their thighs. Just be warned that you will have to re-apply these products as they will wear off after short periods of time.

Invest in Silicone Thigh Bands

No amount of topical anti-chafe products can guarantee sure shot protection or cure against the chafe. Wearing correct protective wear in the Gold Coast could help you fight the Australian summer chafe. Good quality thigh bands are made with silicone grippers and they stop the thighs from rubbing against each other while you walk around in your favourite clothes. Thigh Guards stay in their place all day long to keep your thighs free from inner thigh chafing.

So, just make these small add-ons to experience no more chafe.