Does Lotion Help Chafing?

Does Lotion Help Chafing?

Posted by Jack Miller on 6th Dec 2021

Are you struggling with chafing? Chafing can be an extremely painful and difficult experience for both men and women. Chafing can be caused by a number of factors which is why we hope to provide a guide to treating and preventing chafing from happening.

What is chafing?

Chafe is a skin issue that is commonly caused by the combination of friction, fabric and moisture on the skin. This combination can leave the skin feeling very irritated and sore as a result of the skin rubbing, and in some extreme cases, it can result in bleeding and swelling.

Why does chafing happen?

Chafing can happen for a number of reasons, it could be a lack of appropriate clothing, warm weather conditions, hormone changes or intense exercise or activity.

Does lotion help chafing?

A soothing lotion can be extremely beneficial for soothing a chafed area as they work to prevent friction of the skin by acting as a lubricant so the skin can smoothly glide. Any fragrance-free lotions, oils or balms are a good investment to treat, and in some cases prevent, chafing. Petroleum jelly is valuable in preventing chafing from occurring as it allows the skin to avoid friction with materials or other areas of skin.

Other solutions to chafing

There are many other solutions that you can invest in if you frequently struggle with chafing and are actively looking for solutions to treat it or prevent it all together. We have listed some of our heavily recommended solutions to chafing below:

Anti-chafe products

Anti chafing products can be extremely beneficial to prevent chafing from ever occurring. Anti-chafing thigh guards can be worn discreetly under clothing to prevent the skin of your thighs from rubbing together during intense exercise or everyday activities. They work to absorb the moisture being caused and prevent the friction occurring between your thighs that can lead to painful chafing. These comfortable thigh guards are a great investment to prevent painful chafing from affecting your everyday.

Anti-chafe clothing

Choosing the correct clothing can be vital when trying to prevent thigh chafing as well as allowing it to heal properly. Anti-chafing clothing is also known as moisture-wicking materials, including nylon, wool and polyester. These materials do not absorb or retain moisture from sweat, leaving the skin damp and ultimately leading to chafing - this is why cotton should be avoided. Breathable, comfortable clothing is a must to prevent chafing from occurring and can also be valuable when chafing is healing as your skin will have access to air and room to heal.


Wearing or wrapping bandages around an area of the body prone to chafing prior to intense exercise or activity is another solution to prevent chafing from occurring as they create a barrier between the skin and clothing material or between skin and skin.

For more information about the prevention of chafing, and to find anti-chafing products, you can contact our team at No More Chafe to hear more about our collection of anti-chafing products and materials.