Don't get rubbed up the wrong way...Common Misconceptions about Chafing

Don't get rubbed up the wrong way...Common Misconceptions about Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 2nd Dec 2020

If you're prone to chafing, then you'll probably experience a lot of frustration. Sometimes it can be the words of another who simply doesn't understand the problem, or maybe you have heard misguided advice or 'facts' about the condition. In this post, we explore some of the most common misconceptions of chafed skin:

"Just get on with it, stop complaining"

This is the worst advice you can get for chafing. If it continues to come up and it’s sore, painful and irritating, then you should get yourself some thigh bands to prevent the area from becoming a problem – or worse, infected.

Chafing makes you smell bad

People often relate chafing to bodily odours; however, there’s no connection between the two. Unless the sores become infected, you don’t need to worry whether your chafe will clear a room full of people when you walk in. So, put down the body mist and lift your head high. You are beautiful!

You sweat more when you chafe

Body sweat and moisture are two different things. Your body’s natural response to dry skin is to create a little moisture in order to replenish itself. This isn’t sweat. Sweat during exercise won’t go up and down depending on whether you’re chafing.

Thighs are the only area people chafe

Another common misconception of chafing is that you can only get it between your thighs. There are many other areas of the body that can develop an unfortunate and painful chafe, including your ‘privates’. The most common place for women is the vulva, which is caused by friction and sweat. This can lead to bacterial infections and vulvovaginal yeast if you're not careful. Ouch!

Pimples come out when you chafe

When chafing gets infected and bacteria grows, you can develop abscesses – not pimples. If you think you’ve got these, go straight to your GP for guidance on how to tackle them. If you leave it, things could get pretty ugly (and pretty embarrassing on a first date!).

Chafing only happens in summer

Unfortunately, chafing is with us all year round. Of course, the heat of summer can increase the chance of developing a chafing rash due to our bodies sweating more but don’t be fooled – chafing can come at any time. Even when you're building a snowman.

Only 'large' people chafe

We’ve all heard this one before: "I thought only overweight people chafe?" Think again my friend. Whether your body shape is an apple, pear, banana or cucumber - you can’t run way from the dreaded chafe. Women and men of all shapes and sizes are likely to experience chafing at least once in their lifetime.

Talc and creams will do the trick

Believe it or not, this can actually make it worse. Too much moisture, or too little, can set-off an unwanted amount of chafing that can leave you feeling sore and uncomfortable for days. More studies are appearing to show that applying powder and other substances to the groin area can also lead to ovarian cancer.

So there you have it. All your chafing qualms will slowly become a distant memory. Now you can go about your day knowing that you're all the wiser when it comes to the world of chafing. And don't forget - No More Chafe Thigh Bands are your new best friend.