Experiencing chafing during city walks?

Experiencing chafing during city walks?

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Mar 2021

In a world more deeply fixated on outdoor social activity to break free from Coronavirus constraints, chafing during social activities – be this on a walk to the park, or a walk through the city – has the danger of becoming a wider spread issue. At No More Chafe, we’ve put together this blog post just to say that we understand, and to offer some tips on how to confront this.

What causes chafing?

Walking has long been recognised – perhaps even more so in these unpredictable times - as one of the most freeing ways to engage with nature, this is due to its calorie-burning simplicity and the beautiful Australian landscape. However, for some, this freedom has been encroached upon by unwelcome chafing. This occurs as a result of the friction generating between different items of clothing and the materials that they are made from in certain areas of the body (most commonly the thighs during exercise) due to the entrapping of excess moisture. This can, therefore, take the fresh air from a peaceful walk and turn it into a feeling, not unlike the dry grating of sandpaper, with the same reddening consequences.

However, there are many ways to break away from the clutches of chafing and return once more to the real world. Let's take a close look at some of them below:

Appropriate moisturising creams/lotions

A highly effective way of relieving chafing is to prevent it before it even occurs. If you are prone to chafed skin, we recommend taking preventative measures before you start your walk by applying appropriate moisturising lotions to the skin.


It is important even when engaging in light levels of exercise such as walking in the park, the city, or other social activities to stay hydrated, and chafing problems are no exception to this. This is because the water acts to help your body stay cool, counteracting the fiery nature of chafing whilst helping sweat (undoubtedly from all the steps you’re getting in!) to efficiently evaporate.

Deodorant products

Products such as deodorant can partially help answer the question of how to stop thigh chafing - as its function is to absorb sweat, which plays a part in triggering chafing in general.

Light and breathable clothing

Aided by the guise of hot weather, light and breathy attire are recommended when strolling through the park. Light clothing allows for fresh air to reach your skin and evaporate excess moisture, alleviating opportunities for rubbing due to tight compression around the affected areas.

At No More Chafe, we offer a wide range size-inclusive thigh guards with features such as compensation systems. These help to protect your skin whilst maintaining the normal levels of comfort and support required for any type of exercise.