Feeling the Burn? Here's Five Outfit Ideas to Beat the Chafe

Feeling the Burn? Here's Five Outfit Ideas to Beat the Chafe

Posted by Jack Miller on 12th Aug 2021

There's nothing quite as annoying as putting together the perfect outfit to find your inner thighs raw from chafing just a couple of hours later. Whether it's an upmarket baby shower, posh work event or just your everyday clothes for a hike or day out at the zoo, you don't want to be feeling that burn. If you're sick of chafing, these five outfit ideas might just give you the edge for comfortable, chafe-free days every day of the week:

Swap out the skirts for flowy trousers

A beautiful pair of flowy trousers can give all the movement and feel of skirts without any thigh-touching chafe. With more options than ever before online for stunning flowy jumpsuits and unique trouser and top sets, you don't have to be under or overdressed. From daytime practicality to night-time formalwear elegance for weddings and other events, there's a pair of trousers for just about any occasion.

Invest in some chafing shorts for under that dress

If you're set on wearing your favourite dress for an upcoming event, investing in some chafing shorts can be the ideal way to keep chafing at bay. For knee-length or longer skirts, shorts are the perfect hidden option to keep you looking on-point while retaining that vital comfort for hours at a time. There's no chance of accidental flashing even at the windiest of outdoor venues and locations as a bonus.

Add leggings to your favourite summer look

Leggings are the ideal way to transition dresses for colder weather or make the most out of longer tops and hoodies without the heat and discomfort of jeans. Knee-length leggings offer a breathable option compared to their ankle-length cousins, providing comfort for long hours without the need to whip out other chafing remedies during the day. You can even grab shorter leggings in a silky material to ensure they don't cause your dress to stick throughout the day.

Swap out your short shorts for something a little longer

If you love wearing shorts, but you don't love the thigh burn anywhere near as much, opting for a slightly longer pair may resolve all of your shorts-based woes. With paper-bag, high-waist shorts in fashion as opposed to the ultra-short options of previous years, it's easier than ever to grab something with a bit more length to make the most out of your day.

Forget about the fashion rules and go all-out with chafing thigh bands

Not a fan of following fashion rules? If you want all the comfort without any restrictions, investing in quality chafing remedies is the ideal way to go. Our chafing bands offer the perfect way to enjoy every single outfit without fear of chub rub or chafing in any form. Our chafing bands suit just about anyone for an ideal, chafe-free fit with a range of sizes available.

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