Fight Back Thigh Chafing with Attractive Thigh Guards

Fight Back Thigh Chafing with Attractive Thigh Guards

Posted by Jack Miller on 13th Jul 2019

Inner thigh chafing is one of the most dreaded skin disorders that occurs because of friction caused by repeated rubbing of the inside of the thigh. It manifests as redness or blister-like lesions with a flat rash. Sometimes, it can be accompanied by burning sensation and pain. During the healing process, you might experience some itchiness too.

Common Causes of Thigh Chafing

Cotton briefs with a cotton pouch is one of the most common reasons leading to thigh chafing. Athletes like runners and cyclists commonly face this condition too due to constant sweating. Other than that, it is frequently observed in overweight individuals with big thighs.

However, it can invariably happen to anyone whose thighs constantly touch regardless of the weight of their body. Moreover, chafing is also seen under the arms or any part of the body where irritants like moisture and friction act together. Thigh chafing is also known to be prevalent during the later months of pregnancy.

If you are looking for immediate relief from thigh chafing, thigh guards can work as the most effective counter measure and pacify the condition.

How Thigh Guards Work

Effective elimination of sweat is possible through anti chafing thigh bands irrespective of the temperature. More often than not, women are scared of wearing their favorite skirt or shorts because they are paranoid about getting their thighs chafed. No More Chafe offers best anti chafing thigh bands and protects the skin from excessive sweat.

No More Chafe thigh bands can also be used on already chafed skin during Adelaide Summer , to prevent further deterioration of the condition. The smooth seams in the anti chafe shorts maintain the dryness of the skin and reduce rubbing to a great extent. They are designed in a way that keeps them firmly in place throughout the day. Although they resemble a lingerie in several aspects, they play a functional role as a summer accessory.

Some Other Remedies for Thigh Chafing

Thigh chafing cream or balm: In addition to thigh guards, you can use thigh chafing creams containing lubricants to treat the newly chafed thighs.

Baby Powder: Baby powder can be applied on thigh chafing before getting dressed for work or going out, which work wonders to repair chafed thighs. Cornstarch-based formulas have a better effect when compared to talc-based products.

Petroleum Jelly: Although it can get a bit difficult to apply petroleum jelly, its lubricating effects make it a great remedy option.

Tips to Prevent Thigh Chafing

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water to maintain lower body temperature.
  • Change your clothing after aggressive workout or during scorching summers.
  • Keep your skin dry when it sweats, particularly in hot and humid weather.
  • Pick loose clothing to keep a check on the perspiration and inner thigh constriction.
  • Use powder so that moisture does not get accumulated.

Over to you…

Thigh chafing can be a huge hindrance for performing routine activities. Use the thigh bands by No More Chafe and you will surely be able to alleviate its symptoms.