Fight Back Thigh Chafing with Thrifty Thigh Guards

Fight Back Thigh Chafing with Thrifty Thigh Guards

Posted by Jack Miller on 13th Jul 2019

Inner thigh chafing is one of the most dreaded skin disorders that can occur on people. This is because of friction caused by repeated rubbing on the inside of the thigh. Chafe manifests as a red rash which can swell or develop into blister-like lesions. It is very sensitive in the affected area, turning to pain and a burning sensation if it is not treated. The healing process may take days to completely restore the damaged skin.  

Why Do I Get Thigh Chafing?

Normal briefs and underwear that you wear regularly, are one of the most common reasons as to why you are chafing.  We are all active in our daily lives, depending on who you are or what type of work you perform, you may be either less or more active than the average person.  Wearing regular underwear will leave the entirety of your thighs exposed, and as they rub against each other throughout day, the skin in those areas will continue to be worn down and damaged. This constant inflicting pressure on your skin will commonly and eventually lead to thigh chafing. 

People of all shapes and sizes will get thigh chafing, even very thin and very fit people frequently suffer from chafe.  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts, will all wear protective clothing in order to limit the effects of sweat or friction during their workout.  So chafing is a normal part of the human body, it's nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about, it's one of the signals that our body gives us in order to protect itself from further damage.  

Now, if you're looking to overcome chafing and push past the pain.  If you want to continue to run that extra mile, finish that extra set, keep on going to achieve your goals faster, then there is a solution.  For immediate relief from thigh chafing, thigh guards are the best solution to completely nullify this condition. 

How Thigh Guards Work

Effective elimination of sweat is possible through anti chafing thigh bands no matter who you are. More often than not, people are scared of wearing their preferred clothing because they don't want to walk around all day, overheating and getting their thighs chafed. No More Chafe offers the best anti chafing thigh bands and protects the skin entirely from excessive sweat and thigh chafing.

No More Chafe Thigh Guards can also be used on already chafed skin during summer to prevent further deterioration of the condition. The smooth seams in the anti chafe thigh bands maintain a complete protective seel around the thighs, and will reduce any chance of skin on skin contact down to zero. They are specially designed in a way that keeps them firmly in place throughout the day in spite of any activity or exercise you are performing. Thigh guards are the best option to completely stop chub rub and they play a functional role as a necessity in your summer wardrobe.

Other Remedies for Thigh Chafing...

Thigh chafing cream or balm: There are an array of lubrications on the market, you can use thigh chafing creams containing different ingredients, in an attempt to heal chafed skin.

Baby Powder: Baby powder can be applied on thighs before getting dressed for work or going out, this may dry out the skin and reduce moisture in the area. Cornstarch-based formulas have a different effect when compared to talc-based products.

Petroleum Jelly: Although it can get a bit difficult to apply petroleum jelly because of the discomfort it causes, its gelatinous substance can temporarily smooth over thighs.

Tips to Prevent Thigh Chafing

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Maintain lower body temperatures
  • Keep your skin dry when it sweats
  • Change your clothing after intense workouts 
  • Pick loose clothing or clothing that allows the body to breathe 
  • Use your preferred anti-chafing product 

Up to you…

Thigh chafing can be a huge hindrance for performing routine activities and exercise regimens. Use the thigh bands by No More Chafe and you will surely be able to eliminate this problem entirely.