Forget Socks - Dad Needs a Chafing Solution

Forget Socks - Dad Needs a Chafing Solution

Posted by Jack Miller on 26th Aug 2020

Falling on Sunday, September 6, Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means that many of us are again pondering that age-old question: ‘what do you get the man who has everything?’ Of course, there are standard go-to gifts – cologne, socks, ties – but like dad’s jokes, those have kind of been done to death.

So, how about giving Dad (or the man in your life) the freedom to without discomfort, to work all day without pain, to play his favourite sport or even just endure the heat of the barbecue without feeling like his thighs are on fire?

It might seem a quirky present, but with Father’s Day heralding the beginning of spring, which rapidly becomes a long hot summer, it’s also pretty genius! Here’s why eliminating chafe is the dad’s day gift that keeps on giving.

Comfort At Work

Whether your dad is a suit-and-tie office guy or a slaving-in-the-sun tradesman type, a chafing solution like Thigh Bands can make work so much more pleasant.

See, while it might seem counterintuitive, the fact is that the more hair you have, the more likely you are to suffer from chafing discomfort, and hairiness is something most dads have in common. Worse, chafing in a hairier area can lead to a painful inflammation called folliculitis. Ouch!

Ineffective at the best of times, powders, gels and creams are a no-go under suit, where they wear off in minutes. Messy, sticky, and still no relief? That’s not something Dad wants to worry about as he heads into his important meeting.

When it comes to more active labour, heat is constant, beating down throughout the day, and compression underwear only adds to the problem! Plus, activity can cause shorts to ride up, or stretch out of position, making chafing worse.

Improved Sports Performance

Maybe your old man loves to play a bit of weekend soccer, or you and he bond over basketball in the driveway.
Or, maybe dad avoids sports and shies away from running – or even walking - because he’s trying to avoid chafe.  Whatever sports or exercise your father does, he certainly doesn't want to deal with chafing legs.  Help the man achieve full performance by wearing anti chafing thigh bands, he will be able to do any sports he wants and for as long as he wants.

‘Tis The Season

The scorching Australian heat was the inspiration behind Thigh Bands, chiefly because high temps and sweat are so constant throughout the year. Happily, though, Thigh Bands will work much better with sweat; the more you perspire, the better the silicone grips the skin. Bring on summer!

While anti-chafing bands are a somewhat unique gift they tick all the boxes, from practicality to affordability.

From Father’s Day on, the mercury starts rising and won’t stop climbing until March. By then, though, the father figure in your life could be cool and chafe-free, without any thigh rub to think about, commanding the outdoors and wondering how he ever lived without your thoughtful contribution to his comfort.

Plus, since men can be notoriously bad at proactively taking care of their skin and seeking solutions to prevent thigh chafing, you’ll be in dads' good books for coming to the rescue.