Guard Your Thighs Against Chafing

Guard Your Thighs Against Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th Jul 2019

It’s a good day, you feel like enjoying a walk to your favourite park or neighbourhood café. Guess what? Your old nemesis, and not so dear friend thigh chafing is back! No matter what you try chafed skin doesn’t leave you alone, right? Well then, read on to find out why?

Friction is the most common reason for all thigh chafing. When your thighs brush against each other, they will slowly strip away your skin causing epidermal injury.  You can also get this injurious effect when you skin rubs against fabrics, materials and incorrect clothing choices. The condition worsens under certain circumstances, such as extreme heat, high temperatures and high humidity these generate moisture and sweat, increasing significantly the probability of chafe. Thigh chafe can range from a mild rash, with a slight soreness almost itchiness, to severely damaged skin, red and pink in colour, burning, blisters, and in extreme circumstances, bleeding.

For the longest time, people have believed that the thigh chafe only happens to overweight people, in fact larger people were typecast as being the only people who could get chafe. However, the truth is, anyone of any weight class, any thinness or thickness can develop thigh chafing if their skin undergoes excessive friction and damage.  Now that we have established that anybody can get chafing, here are a few causes of this condition:

  • Perspiration
  • Friction from clothing
  • Non-absorbent fabric
  • Repetitive movements
  • Walking for long periods of time
  • Running
  • Exposed skin
  • Heat and hot weather conditions
  • Water on the body
  • Sand
  • Salt and sand sediments on the skin from the beach.

So, do you need to give up all the above activities to find a Chafing Cure? With the extreme climatic conditions, and the activities you love to enjoy, how do you Prevent Thigh Chafing in Gold Coast?

Well, you can't stop doing all the above activities, they are a part of life! However, you can protect your skin while you still keep doing the stuff you love. When it comes to protection and treatment, there are more misses than hits. Here are a few common problems with the traditional products which you have may have used.

1. Creams and Ointments - These creams are sticky, oily and greasy, as a result, they are very uncomfortable to apply between your thighs. If you are looking to stop chafe these cream and ointments will never work. They, unfortunately after 10-15 minutes rub away and have null effect.

2. Talcum Powder - Many of us depend upon talc as it is what were told works because it removes moisture. But, doesn’t it just rub off immediately?  Because it is a powder, if you apply it and start walking, the product due to its form, will fall off extraordinarily quickly.  Moreover, doctors believe that these powders can cause cancer. Studies today reveal that agents such as talcum powder must be kept away from the groin area as it could be a cause for ovarian cancer in women.

3. Petroleum Jelly - Products such as Vaseline claim to be able to protect the skin from chafing, but realistically they are little better that creams or ointments.  It will rub away in about 15 minutes and therefore lacks any protective credibility.  These products have no ingredients that explicitly repair the skin through nutrient or vitamins.

The best anti-chafing product is clear then.  No More Chafe - Thigh Guards are the only product that provides complete protection under all circumstances.  It has a fantastic unique design, moisture wicking abilities and will stay exactly in place through all the fun activities and lifestyle choices you make on a day to day basis.  They will always be with you and last for years and years without ever letting you down.