How to Beat City Chafe

How to Beat City Chafe

Posted by Jack Miller on 29th Jul 2020

Spending long days roaming the city streets can be beautiful, with lots of activities going on and places to explore. It can also be a hot and sweaty environment, with temperatures rising high when vast concrete blocks radiate heat as your walking on them, chafe getting worse with every step you take. There may not be a shady forest or tranquil lake to help you cool off, but that doesn't mean chafing should interfere with your urban adventures. Here are some tips on beating that city chafe.

Think Fabric

The fabric used in making your clothes can have a significant impact on chafing. Finding a balance between chafe-prevention and suitable city clothing is the first step towards beating urban chafe. Moisture wicking fabrics are your friend, as they'll help prevent perspiration from building up and reduce friction against your skin.

Fabrics like cotton and denim are not breathable as their high thread count, and dense texture means they retain sweat, and don't allow your skin to breathe. A heatwave in the city can worsen the effects of sweat on inner thigh chafing. Remember to think about your self-care proactively, to avoid chafing rash, and carry perhaps a small towel, or some disinfectant wipes so that you can dry off the area and keep it clean from skin damaging bacteria.

Use Powder or Deodorant

Applying products directly to the skin can help lessen the effects of chafing. Roll-on deodorants act as a drying agent to reduce friction and prevent sweat buildup. Meanwhile, powders absorb moisture and help soothe the skin. When you're walking around the city, powders and deodorants can offer light-weight and portable solutions to your chafing problems. It's important to remember that these are not cures but prevention methods, and will never be 100 percent effective in tackling the problem.

Chafing treatments that apply directly to the skin are best for areas like nipples where the products are less likely to rub off due to movement throughout the day. However, you will need to reapply these products when possible, so bear this in mind when planning your activities. If you're particularly active, this could be up to every 10-15 minutes, so you should consider looking for a more permanent solution.

If your chafed skin has become worse, some other remedies can help soothe the affected area.

Wear Thigh Chafing Bands

While fabrics and deodorants can help reduce the effects of chafing, they can restrict your urban lifestyle and interfere with your city activities. It is best to prevent chafing before it even starts, making thigh chafing bands the most effective product to use. The inventive solution of anti-chafing thigh bands, fits right under your clothing and have created flexible designs for people to perform any movement they want, without any chance of them sliding down the leg.

You should seriously consider this solution if you're travelling to the city and have to walk long distances through the streets. Their flexible design allows you to walk through the city streets all day with no worries whatsoever, while the variety of available unique sizes means they can fit any person of any shape.

No More Chafe Thigh Guards are the ideal chafe prevention method, stopping thigh rub entirely and therefore preventing chafing. Take a look on the website to browse for more information.