How to Prevent Chafing at a Waterpark

How to Prevent Chafing at a Waterpark

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Oct 2022

Waterparks are heaps of fun for the whole family, but if you're in pain, you may end up missing out on the excitement. Whether you’re heading down the biggest slide or doing your own thing in the splash pool, chafing can really ruin your day. Left untreated, it can turn nasty too, so the best thing to do is prevent it. Here are our top tips to prevent chafing at a water park.

1. Keep yourself dry

Sounds impossible, right? Obviously, you’ll be wet when you’re in the water, but it’s really important to dry yourself off when you come out. Even if you're just going to grab a snack or explore some of the other park activities, getting dry is essential. Bear the following in mind too:

• Pay attention to areas that will rub against your swimmers - the groin area and your armpits are especially vulnerable.
• Consider changing out of your swimwear if you're taking a break from the rides.
• Resist the risk to drip dry - the effects of chafing last a lot longer than the time it’ll take you to dry yourself off.

2. Avoid cotton

We all think of cotton as super cool clothing, and it can be great in certain circumstances, but a cotton cover-up is the worst choice for a waterpark. Cotton holds water, and that water will rub against your skin, causing it to chafe. Fabric-like nylon or spandex is a much better choice – these wick moisture from your skin, minimising the chances of chafing.

3. Buy some chafing shorts

Choosing chafing shorts means extra protection when you’re in and out of the water. No matter how many times you dash to have another go on your favourite slide or get back to enjoy the wave machine, the clever design of the anti chafing shorts means you’ll stay comfortable all day long. This specially underwear help to stop thigh chafing by creating a simple barrier. Its design prevents slipping and the close fit means no wrinkles or rough bits that could rub against delicate skin.

4. Think twice about creams and potions

There are many anti-chafe creams available, and some people even use basic Vaseline. While these can offer some protection to start with, the nature of a waterpark is that you get wet, so any cream or lubricant will wash off over time. Choosing to use a topical lubricant can give you a false sense of security, which could lead to more severe chafing.

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