How to Stop Chafing in your Wetsuit

How to Stop Chafing in your Wetsuit

Posted by Jack Miller on 10th Sep 2021

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s finally time to break out that wetsuit and your surfboard and get down to your nearest beach so you can ride the waves. However, if you've experienced chafed skin before, you'll know that the water, combined with your wetsuit material, can cause absolute havoc on your skin. The irritation from chafing and the blotchy red spots pose a real threat, not just to your performance on the waves but also to your mood and confidence.

At No More Chafe, these are three things we want to help you preserve. That’s why our experts have created this blog post full of tips on how to stop your wetsuit from chafing. Fingers crossed you’ll be back on that board and enjoying beach days once more!

1. Balm up

It may sound a little uncomfortable, but trust us, this is a great way to stop your wetsuit from chafing. Key areas we’d recommend you make sure you add balm to are your thighs, nipples and crotch. By using a specially made balm before you put the suit on, you’re hydrating your body. This moisture means your skin is much less likely to experience friction with the material when it comes into contact with the water. This means less chafing for you and more time riding the waves!

2. Check the seams on your wetsuit

It’s been a long winter, and your wetsuit is probably a little dusty. We recommend checking all of the seams when you finally take it out of storage for any little rips, holes or burst seams. Any worn away seams will cause irritation, putting yourself at more risk of chafing.

Also, while you may think these damaged spots are small, water has the magic ability to get absolutely everywhere! This includes the little gaps created by worn-out seams. When you surf, the seawater will get into your wetsuit, leading to irritation when the water and your wetsuit material come into contact, so it's likely chafing rash will follow pretty soon after. Our advice if you find some damage is to either patch up the suit as best you can to block off any points of entry or to buy a completely new wetsuit.

3. Wear a rashguard underneath your wetsuit

Rashguards are a godsend for surfers! Placed underneath your wetsuit, they will form a barrier between your skin and the wetsuit material. Even if little splashes of water manage to get in, the chafing that they’ll inevitably cause will be non-existent! Added to this, they’re made from quite a thin material, so they are relatively invisible under your wetsuit. Even when the temperatures crank up, they can double up as sunburn prevention!

For more information on how to stop chafing from your wetsuit, don’t hesitate to contact us at No More Chafe today. We can also offer advice on how to prevent swimsuit chafing when swimming in the ocean.