How to Stop Chafing Ruining your Summer Wardrobe

How to Stop Chafing Ruining your Summer Wardrobe

Posted by Jack Miller on 18th Jun 2021

Do you struggle with chafing during the summer months? Do you find yourself avoiding wearing skirts or shorts because you're worried about chafing? Here's a quick guide to understanding thigh chafing, how to stop it and what products to use to make sure you can wear what you want this summer!

What is chafing, and why does it happen more frequently in the summer?

Chafing is the breaking down of your most protective and developed top layer of skin (epidermis). It's a common occurrence for many people and it can be an extremely sore and painful experience that ends in us changing our outfits depending on what activity we're doing. Chafe happens more frequently in the warmer, summer seasons as a result of your skin sweating. The salt in your sweat increases the friction between your skin which ultimately leads to painful chafing.

Now, thanks to many innovative products, you can combat summer chafing impacting your summer wardrobe! Here are some products and tips to ensure you feel free to wear what you want this summer.

Anti-chafing thigh guards 

These leg bands are the perfect solution to avoiding chafing this summer. They are perfect to wear underneath your clothing to prevent friction on your skin which usually leads to chafing. By wearing these chafing guards, you can avoid chafing of the thigh area which usually makes walking or exercising difficult. These moisture-wicking shorts work to draw the moisture and sweat from your skin, absorbing it to prevent your skin layers from rubbing against each other and breaking down. Perfect for wearing under dresses, skirts and shorts, our thigh guards are a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

Anti-chafing underwear

Much like the leg bands, anti-chafing underwear can be worn comfortably under your clothes. This underwear commonly stretches from your hip area to the middle of your thighs, the prime chafing location. Their thin, moisture-wicking material absorbs moisture, drawing it away from the skin whilst also appearing seamless underneath your clothes - you'll never know they are there! To find the best size for you, read our guide to anti-chafing products.

Choosing the right material of clothing

If you don't have access to the above products, choosing the right material is vital to prevent chafing. Moisture-wicking material is a must during the summer months, as any excess sweat and moisture that your body produces in the heat will be drawn away and absorbed. The most popular moisture-wicking materials are polyester, nylon and wool. If you can purchase summer clothing in this material, you may actually get to wear it without worrying about chafing!

Next time the weather starts getting warmer, and the sun stays out for longer, don't let chafing stop you from wearing what you want to. Thanks to the advanced technology of anti-chafing thigh guards, bands, and underwear, you can avoid chafing and still wear your trendy, fashionable summer wardrobe. If you want to learn more about our collection of thigh guards, contact us today.