How To Stop Thigh Chafing When Hiking

How To Stop Thigh Chafing When Hiking

Posted by Jack Miller on 18th Oct 2021

A hiking trip should be a chance to explore nature and take in the scenery. But if you are suffering from chafing, it can ruin the whole experience and chafing can get the best of many avid walkers. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to prevent chafing from happening. If you want to enjoy hiking without worrying about how to stop thigh chafing, here are 4 steps you can take to prevent chafing every time.

Make sure you are wearing the proper gear

Because hiking requires a lot of different kit, such as backpacks and specialist clothing. In order to prevent chafing, make sure that you are wearing clothing that properly fits. Folds and baggy clothing can rub against your skin, which can result in it chafing. Make sure you regularly check the straps of your backpack to ensure that it fits properly around your shoulders. Also, make sure that your hiking boots aren’t too small, as this can cause chafing and blisters.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is an important part of any hiking trip, but it can also help to reduce chafing, too! Drinking plenty of water can help to reduce the concentration of salt in your sweat. This salt is one of the lead causes of chafing, as the salt acts like sandpaper on the skin. Hydration can always help you stop chafing at the beach and exercise.

Keep deodorant on hand

If you are struggling with sweat during a hike, make sure that you pack deodorant to prevent sweat. The deodorant will also act as a barrier between the sweat and the clothes. For extra protection, consider putting anti-chafe lotion or powder onto areas that are likely to chafe.

Wear thigh guards

Many people, when walking, struggle with thigh chafing. It happens when bare skin rubs against each other or when wet skin or clothes rub, and thighs are some of the most common areas that chafe. This can be a nightmare on a hike, as you need to keep your thighs moving in order to climb. One of the best ways you can prevent thigh chafing is to wear thigh guards, at No More Chafe, the number one solution to prevent thigh chafing no matter the exercise. No matter the size or shape, we have a wide range of thigh guards to suit every pair of legs.

Treat chafing with cleanliness and lotion

Even if you have tried all of the above methods, chafing can still happen, especially if the heat and the sweat get the better of you. If you have chafed after your hike, make sure that you take care of the injury so that it doesn’t get worse. Once you have finished your hike, make sure that you clean the chafe straight away to prevent it from getting infected. Before you go to sleep, make sure that you rub coconut oil or Vaseline on the area to encourage it to heal.

If you are an avid hiker, make sure to invest in thigh guards, a solution that completely stops chafing no matter the activity.