How to Stop Worrying about Chafing at the Beach

How to Stop Worrying about Chafing at the Beach

Posted by Jack Miller on 5th Aug 2021

Let’s say you’re taking a day trip to the beach with your family and friends; the sun is out, the water feels incredible, and there are children building sandcastles. Let’s say it’s all going well until you begin to walk. Both the sand and saltwater can cause uncomfortable thigh chafing. If you want to know how you can stop thigh chafing at the beach, well, you’ll have to carry on reading to find out.

1. Be very selective about what you wear to the beach.

If you want to prevent chafing on the beach, then you need to make sure you’re wearing the most appropriate clothes. For example, why not wear some shorts over your swimwear before you get into the water? The reason? The skin unprotected from the swim clothes will rub against the chafing shorts instead of your skin. If you don’t feel like doing this, then did you know that you can buy anti-chafe swimwear? It has an antibacterial liner to prevent your skin from thigh chafing. And, finally, stay away from cotton on the beach – be it a t-shirt or regular trousers, cotton absorbs moisture and will certainly chafe against your skin.

2. Don’t sit on a blanket. Instead, sit on a chair.

While it may be an extra hassle taking a chair with you to the beach, it’s definitely worth it for two reasons: first, you’ll be a lot more comfortable; second, you’ll have less contact with the sand. In other words, you can minimise how much your body comes in contact with sand so that your skin doesn't chafe.

3. Have you heard the rinse and dry method? It’s perfect to avoid chafing at the beach.

While we appreciate that it’s fun to walk in the sand or swim in the water, it often causes saltwater or sand to gather on your skin. The best way to stop chafing from happening is to rinse your body. Many beaches have showers that you can use to rinse the salt water and sand away. Don’t forget to dry yourself before getting back out there to avoid gathering more sand.

4. Use anti-chafe moisturisers and creams.

There are plenty of anti-chafe products that you can purchase that will help minimise the chances of your thighs chafing at the beach. If you’re not going to swim, then you could even use baby powder. Why? It’ll prevent friction and leave your skin incredibly smooth. For creams, however, all you need to do is warm them up in your hands and apply them to your skin. Do check that the cream is water-resistant so that it can stay on your body even as you swim.

There is almost nothing that can make your beach trip quickly go downhill like skin chafing. We’re confident that some of the ways we’ve mentioned above will help. Browse No More Chafe for products to help you avoid chafing at the beach.