How To Treat Chafing in the Male Groin Area

How To Treat Chafing in the Male Groin Area

Posted by Jack Miller on 20th Jun 2022

Chafing is a fact of life for many men, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Chafing happens when there’s prolonged skin to skin contact, so areas like the groin and armpit are particular trouble spots when it comes to male chafing. The good news is that chafing is easy to treat, and the better news is that chafing is preventable. Read on to discover how to treat male chafing in the groin area, and crucially, how to prevent it.

How to treat chafing in the male groin area

1. Give your skin a break and get it clean

If your skin is chafed, it needs time and help to heal. This means taking a break from whatever activity was causing the problem. This can be difficult, especially if you’re in training, but letting your skin rest is the only way it can truly heal.

2. Use a chafing cream to reduce inflammation

It’s important to pay close attention to chafing legs in the groin area. The skin on this part of the body is especially prone to yeast infections. This means that traditional steroid treatments that contain hydrocortisone can actually make the problem worse. To combat this, use an anti-fungal cream at the start of treatment before moving on to a steroid cream.

3. Use a moisturiser

This may sound counter-productive – chafing in the groin area is caused by too much moisture – aka sweat – right? Right, but the soreness will be soothed by a mild, fragrance and fuss-free moisturiser. Just avoid anything that claims to exfoliate or perform other miracles as they’ll just make the problem worse.

4. Try tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has super strength anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for chafing treatment in the male groin area. Pop a few drops on a pad of cotton wool and apply sparingly. You could also add a little coconut oil to maximise on moisture.

Prevent chafing in the male groin area

Prevention is always better than cure and taking steps to avoid chafing means you are less likely to be forced to take a break from training and exercise.

Whilst there are many creams and potions that claim to prevent rashes, the inner thigh chafing male area means these often rub off or simply melt away. As well as being impractical, choosing the wrong type of cream can create perfect conditions for fungal infections which is something you definitely want to avoid. You may have tried talcum powder in the past but this is still a poor way to prevent chafing. Powders – even baby powder- will rub off just like a cream or gel, and the fragrance increases the chance of irritation.

The most reliable way to prevent chafing in your groin area is to choose a barrier method like thigh guards. Taking care to choose thigh guards made from moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, and with good-quality grips to keep everything in place, means you can say goodbye to painful chafing and hello to comfortable work, sport and play.