How To Treat Severe Chafing

How To Treat Severe Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 15th Aug 2022

All of us have, at some point in our lives, experienced chafing. Chafe is an uncomfortable problem that can cause rashes, blistering or bleeding, and arises when skin repeatedly rubs together, causing friction. Poorly-fitting clothing, hot or humid weather or exercise can exacerbate chafing. While chafing generally doesn't lead to significant complications, from time to time it can become severe. In this blog, we've outlined what you can do to manage your severe chafing and restore your comfort and quality of life.


When you have severe chafing, it's first important you rinse the area with warm water and a mild soap, gently cleaning the area and drying it thoroughly. Keeping the area clean will ensure you protect it from infections or irritants that could make your symptoms worse.

Apply moisturiser

Use a gentle moisturiser and massage carefully into your skin, before allowing it to air dry. Moisturisers, especially organic or natural options, can help heal your skin and prevent irritation by retaining moisture and protecting it from cracking or further blistering.

Look after the area

Severe chafing can easily develop into an infection, so it's important you pay close attention to the area. If your skin is continually irritated, or if you don't address the cause of your chafing promptly or effectively, you will experience more pain and potential complications. If your symptoms don't change or get worse, it's important you visit your doctor, who will be able to prescribe any necessary antibiotics or ointments to treat your chafing and improve your symptoms.

Protect your skin

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