How to Wear Shorts without Worrying about Chafing

How to Wear Shorts without Worrying about Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 7th May 2021

When summer really starts heating up, a must-have item in your wardrobe is shorts! They're versatile, they're trendy, they're the perfect summer style, but they also mean chafing! Chafing in shorts has put people off wearing them for a long time, but you shouldn't be afraid to get your legs out in the sun! That's why we want to give you some tips and tricks to wearing shorts without the chafe this summer.

Why does chafing happen more in the summer?

Chafing happens a lot more in the spring and summer seasons because of the temperature increase. The hotter days and nights mean that the skin sweats more, which ultimately leads to more chafing of the skin. Chafing can be extremely sore and it's a shame when it has a negative effect on your wardrobe! Here's how to stop it:

- Keep the skin actively dry

As sweat on the skin leads to chafing, you can avoid this by keeping the sweat on your skin to a minimum. This can involve simply making sure you have a tissue or a wipe handy to keep chafing legs at bay!

- Try wearing longer shorts that expose less skin

If you want a more solid solution for thigh chafing, we would suggest you try a longer length short - also we recommend wearing anti chafing underwear - shorts that covers more of the thigh area that predominantly chafes the most. By covering more of the chafing area with clothing material, chafing is less likely to occur and you can still wear trendy, stylish shorts during the summer seasons!

- Choose the right material shorts

Choosing the right material clothing is vital for avoiding chafe! Ideally, you want to look for a moisture-wicking option which means a material that actively draws moisture away from the body. This innovative material works to absorb the excess sweat that is produced in increased temperatures, making this material ideal for shorts in your summer wardrobe! A couple of examples of moisture-wicking materials that you should look out for are polyester, wool and nylon.

- Wear thigh guards

An innovative creation that is the best thing for chafing, is specially designed to protect the thigh area. These thigh guards can easily be worn underneath your clothes and your shorts without being visible. They work to prevent your legs from rubbing against each other and thus preventing the friction that leads to sore chafing. We have an extensive collection of thigh guards that you can wear under your favourite summer shorts this summer 

Here at No More Chafe, we want you to feel your best throughout all the seasons and we don't want you to worry about wearing shorts or chafing at all! That's why we hope you take our advice about the easiest ways to avoid chafing this summer.

Ready to wear those summer shorts again? For more tips and tricks about preventing chafing and more information about our range of thigh guards, contact us today.