Know more about Chafing

Know more about Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 10th Sep 2019

If you are fond of running or the beach is your favourite holiday destination, then you must love summers! However, if you are prone to chafing then your love for summers might be a painful experience for you. Chafing is a condition caused by constant friction when our skin keeps coming in regular physical contact with itself or clothing. It is almost like a rash that hurts with movement. In most cases, the chafed area will be red, sore, and delicate.

Areas Prone to Chafing

When it comes to chafing, body crevices are the most affected areas. The chafe is commonly experienced in the crotch, armpits, under-breast area, inner thighs being the prime area. Rolls of skin fat or sagging skin also are prone to chafing. However, many toned and trim people also experience chafing. Though chafing can happen at various places on the body, the most common and the torturous one is the inner thigh chafing.

Some Main causes of Inner thigh Chafing

  • Clothing- Clothes that are either too tight or poorly fitted loose clothes give your skin too much contact causing chafing. Fabrics that do not soak moisture can be a reason for your never-ending chafe.
  • Running- Continuous and long runs can be responsible for thigh chafing. Many regular runners are prone to chafing.
  • Cycling- Fast and long cycling sessions can be culprits for the chafe. Cycling, spinning and stationary cycling have been found responsible for chafing.
  • Moisture- Not enough moisture and also excess moisture from sweat, greasy cosmetic products and also water sports can cause the inner thigh chafe.
  • Exercise- Chafing also happens because of exercises that involve repetitive movement that involves the thighs. Many times, non-breathable Sportswear and overly developed muscles from exercise also bring the skin in excessive physical contact. Hence, leading to the inner thigh chafe.
  • Skin sensitivity- Innately having and excessively dry, oily or sensitive skin makes you prone to chafing.
  • Weather- Hot weathers are the thriving season for the chafe. Summer and spring bring chafing even for those who are not likely to get the chafe.
  • Beach - Chafing also occurs due to the Salt and sand residue on the skin from sweat or ocean water.

If you have been suffering from the painful thigh chafe because of one or more of the above-mentioned triggers, you would have tried many solutions too! Right? But most suffers know that the most popular chafing remedies have failed to help them:

Creams & gels fail to stop chafe because they rub off within a few steps of walking.

Powders are the least effective product as they vanish immediately after application.

Compression underwear & bike shorts are unable to prevent chafe as they trap more heat and don't stay in place.

So, what stays?

Go for a reliable pair of Stretch-Mesh Thigh Bands that help you perform any kind of movement or athletic action without any hassle. Anti-chafe Thigh Guards stay exactly in place and do not let your thighs brush against each other.

So, adorn thigh bands and you never have to put up with the chafe again!