Let’s learn more about Chafe Prevention

Let’s learn more about Chafe Prevention

Posted by Jack Miller on 5th Sep 2019

Thigh chafing is possibly the most obvious thigh-related skin problems, however treating it is tough. When inner thighs scrape against one another because of friction, they end up maligning the skin.

Humidity, sweat and physical activity are known reasons of thigh chafing. Skin chafing can be torturous and keep you away from your favourite activities.

Signs and Symptoms:

If you notice the following symptoms, they scream of inner thigh chafing

  • a low rash
  • pain
  • itch
  • redness
  • burning sensations
  • vesicles

Causes of the Inner thigh Chafing

Constant rubbing of Thighs against each other causes Chafing. Here are some of the main causes of the chafe:

  1. Sweat- because of the weather or because of any physical activity
  2. Walking for long-distance
  3. Clothing like leggings, skirts, or shorts
  4. Humidity
  5. Moisture in the inner thigh area

Treatment for thigh chafing

In most cases, Prevention is the best treatment for the chafe as exposure to triggers can bring the rash quickly. The rash can happen and keep coming back if proper protection is not practiced.

There are many products available in the market today that claim to be of great help for the thigh chafing. However, not all kinds of products offer great help. Here are a few that seem helpful but just offer temporary relief.

Thigh chafing cream and lotion

They seem attractive but the problem with lotions is that they offer just momentary comfort, because they start rubbing off as soon as you start walking around. In addition to being short-lived, some lotions have chemical additives like perfumes which can irritate the already irate skin. One can use Petroleum jelly instead of OTC creams but that only works for newly chafed skin and cannot treat the problem permanently.


Baby powder and Talcum powders look very promising when it comes to sweat absorption, however, modern studies reveal that powders are harmful. The presence of carcinogenic elements makes it a cancer hazard. A great way to replace powders could be cornstarch but it is not always available, and the application does not last long.

If you are looking for a trustworthy product that can offer permanent protection for thigh chafing, here is what can help

Thigh bands

Yes! did you know that something as simple as this can keep you away from the torture of thigh chafing?

No more chafe has created a revolutionary design! These thigh Guards let you perform any kind of movement or athletic action with a worry. These Stylish Anti-chafing bands are absolutely new age and stay in their place no matter how much you run or jump!

When wearing a skirt or a dress your thighs come into direct contact with one another, but if you wear the thigh guards you never have to think about the chafe.

So, if you are looking Protective Wear in Gold Coast that guards you against the thigh chaffing just invest in a good quality pair of thigh guards. Find your pair today @nomorechafe.com.