Lifestyle Choices for Chafe-Free Skin

Lifestyle Choices for Chafe-Free Skin

Posted by Jack Miller on 11th Mar 2020

With rising temperatures, heightened perspiration, and heavy clothes; such as shorts and dresses, many of us battle the most irritating problem of all, a chafing rash. Oh! The prickling, tingling, and pain every time you take step.  The issue is you can't stop walking, and with every step, more damage is caused to the affected area. 

First things first, if you think you are suffering from chafe because you are overweight, that’s not entirely true! Chafe can happen to anyone whose thighs rub together, and quite honestly, that's most of us. It’s a deadly combination of moisture formation and skin-to-skin friction. So, in most situations, just losing weight, will not be a solution stop to inner thigh chafing because even the most fit and heathy people bear with the unpleasantness of chafed skin.

If thigh chafing is a part of your life, here are some easier, effective and practical ways to deal with it on an everyday basis:

  1. Home Remedies - Regular home pantry ingredients like coconut oil and cornstarch could be one of the effective ways to combat the thigh chafing situation. Creating and applying a simple one-and-a-half parts coconut oil with one part cornstarch mix could work well for those who have a moderate sweat problem. Another soothing remedy could be using plain aloe vera gel to relieve the burning sensation.
  2. Switch Clothing - Though cotton has great properties, it is not your best friend if you suffer from chafing. So, choose underwear that can better handle excessive sweat, whilst helping your skin gliding swiftly during movement. Often the seams in your pants or shorts could be the culprits of friction and chafing in the thighs, because those thick seams can really dig into and injure your skin. So, wearing seamless clothing could bring relief. Clothes that fit properly, that aren't too tight or loose also could be a contributory factor towards your thigh skins' wellness.
  3. Add a layer of anti chafing thigh bands - You could prevent inner thigh chafing when there is a physical layer over your thighs, that don’t let them rub against each other. Investing in premium quality stretchable anti chafing thigh bands can save your thighs from chafe when you have an active lifestyle.  These are the best solution to completely prevent chafed skin.  They are thigh compression sleeves specifically designed to stop chafing.  

So when you're busy with life, and you suddenly get struck down with the chafing rash, you should reach for the best solution to your problem.  You could go for home remedies, or quickly change clothes, but the most sought after chafing remedy is the one specifically designed to stop your chafing thighs.