Make Chafing a Problem of the Past with a DIY Chafing Kit

Make Chafing a Problem of the Past with a DIY Chafing Kit

Posted by Jack Miller on 13th Jan 2021

There’s nothing that ruins a spontaneous night out, day trip or adventure more than having to handle the effects of chafing within just a few short hours of being out your front door. If you’ve ever had to leave an event early, cut an activity short or cancel plans the next day, you know just how much of a problem chafing can be. But what’s the solution to chafing legs, painful underarms, or uncomfortable thighs? Creating your own DIY kit to solve your problems on-to-go can mean never leaving early or calling off plans due to chafing again.

What should you include in your chafing DIY kit? Ideally, you want to start with a small bag or box that will fit into a standard handbag or backpack. Much like a first aid kit, a small kit to stop chafing before it ruins your day should be easy to carry with you everywhere. After all, you don’t know when you might need it – or when a friend or family member might benefit from a little help to prevent chafing before it becomes painful.

Here’s what you should pack in your chafing kit to get the most out of it:

Soothing cream or lotion

For chafing that’s already started to cause friction or pain, a soothing gel or comforting lotion can help manage any damage before starting on preventative measures. A cooling type of cream can go a long way towards preventing the heat and discomfort caused by thigh chafing, armpit chafing or any other damaged areas, making it much more bearable for the rest of the day. If you have no plans to go home, applying a soothing lotion before using shorts, roll-ons, or bike shorts will help set you up for success and prevent additional rubbing in the process.

Chafing underwear or shorts

Often lightweight and easy to roll up, chafing shorts and underwear can easily be carried in any bag or backpack. If you’re experiencing a lot of unexpected chub rub chafing from a skirt or dress, slipping on a pair of shorts can make a world of difference. While lightweight shorts may not stand up to a heavy day of walking or night out, they’re great for a few hour’s respite when you’re out and about shopping or on a night out with friends.

Deodorant or anti-chafing roll-on

For places where coverage is more of a challenge, such as the armpits of the backs of the knees, a roll-on anti-chafing solution or a simple stick deodorant can provide relief and prevent further damage. You may have to re-apply regularly to make sure these temporary options last, but if you’re planning a beach day or you want to be a little less covered up, roll-ons are a valuable addition to your DIY kit.

Chafing bands

Lightweight, easy to carry and practical to wear, our range of chafing bands are the ideal foundation for your DIY chafing kit. Easy to slip on and practical to wear all day, our chafing bands can be taken on and off as needed, and can be stored easily even in smaller handbags or shoulder bags. Ideal for hotter evenings hitting the town, or strolling around the shops in warmer weather. They also come in a range of sizes, which means they fit you perfectly for a tailored emergency kit that suits your specific chafing needs.

Ready to get your DIY on? You can now with our ideas on how to stop thigh chafing. An emergency chafing kit is the best option to keep chub rub, painful underarms and uncomfortable friction at bay year-round, no matter where you happen to be. Come prepared, and you’ll be ready to face any challenge – with no chafing to ruin your day or stop you in your tracks.