Myths and Facts about Chafing

Myths and Facts about Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 9th Dec 2019

There is a popular fact that chafing happens because of thigh friction.  When your thighs rub together there is a friction between the opposing surfaces of your skin. This friction causes skin attrition, breaking down the healthy and protective layers of your surface skin. The injuries caused by chafing range from relatively light blemishes and inflammation, to burning, blisters, raw skin or even bleeding in extreme cases.

Though thigh chafing is a common ailment, the knowledge around this subject is very limited. There are many misconceptions about inner thigh chafing. Here are some myths and facts about thigh chafing:

MYTH 1 - Only women suffer from thigh chafing because they often wear tight clothing, short skirts and long dresses.

FACT 1 - This is not the truth. Both men and women suffer from inner thigh chafing equally. Inner thigh chafing for men is fairly common and just as painful and torturous too.

MYTH 2 - Thigh chafing is only prevalent amongst overweight people.

FACT 2 -  Though thigh chafing is called chub rub, it is not just a problem that happens to overweight people. In fact, the fittest and thinnest people will often get inner thigh chafing.

MYTH 3 - Chafing only shows up in summers.

FACT 3 - Humidity, excessive sweat and trapped heat are known to be the most common causes of inner thigh chafing. However, in winters excessive dryness and absence of moisture could also be a reason for the rash.

MYTH 4 - Chafing happens because of excessive physical activity.

FACT 4 - Not just excessive physical activity causes chafing, for people who are prone to chafing even sitting in the same position can generate sweat, then walking for just a little distance will quickly show up the signs of painful chafing.

MYTH 5 - Creams and powders are the best solutions for chafe.

FACT 5 - In reality, creams and powders don't provide any permanent prevention or cure for chafing, as these products do not stay on your skin or provide a permanent physical barrier, they will be rendered useless as soon as you start walking.

So, what is the answer?

Protective wear like anti-chafing thigh bands could be the answer you have always been looking for. Thigh guards eliminate the chances of friction as they don't let your thighs rub against each other. They are specifically designed to create a protective physical barrier between your thighs, meaning that your skin will remain protected throughout all activities. These stretchable bands offer immense comfort and stay in their place all day long, during work and exercise.