Our First Blog Post

Our First Blog Post

Posted by Jack Miller on 30th May 2019

Hello everyone,

This is our first blog post, we will be providing people with the information and resources needed to make proper decisions when searching to buy anti-chafing products. Over the coming months and years we go through all the issues and problems that people can come up against when dealing with this problem.

There is a wide variety of products and not all of them do what they say they can do. Some products don't work at all and let their customers down entirely, while other products might work ok but will only protect you for short periods of time.  Wearable products can also have issues, they can fail to protect you properly or entirely, and many wearable products end up causing more sweat and more chafing than if you hadn't worn them in the first place.  So there are many facets to talk about when looking into the usage of chafe protection products.   We are going to deal with these products in future blog posts and make sure that you find out which is the best choice for you. 

There are different kinds of products that have been created to prevent chafe and they can fall into different categories.  Sprays and liquids are in a category of their own, there always is a new company with a new spray promising that they have a special new formula which will do all kinds of things; protection, shine, smell nice, no grease, quick dry, smooth legs, we will explore these products in the upcoming months, and find out if they actually can perform all the things they say.

Creams and powders are another category of products that people think of when trying to remedy chafing.  Actually these products are quite dated, old times solutions.  People use creams and powders because it's something that was told to us by parents or grandparents when we were younger, and is something we use out of old habits.  Unfortunately they do not really work, you can apply as much cream or powder as you want and it will have little effect in stopping chafe.  At best they can provide half an hour to an hour of protection, after this time you will still continue to chafe and the rash will continue to get worse.  We will certainly be talking about these products in upcoming blog posts.

Underwear is quite a useful category of anti-chafing products.  There are many different kinds of underwear some are everyday T-trunks that you can buy from most department stores.  More recently though, people are manufacturing special underwear that are made purely to stop chafing.  While you can applaud this development of such products, and these efforts to tackle the problem, many of these creations still don't actually work entirely, and are very expensive to buy. We will go through, all of the different types of underwear and their effectiveness or lack thereof in preventing chafe.

Finally, Thigh Guards are the new kid on the block, they are a new and recent invention which is picking up traction as more people become aware of them as an option.  Not many people know about thigh guards, and therefore are unsure about whether to invest in a pair or go for a more traditional option.   We will find out, if thigh guards; a product that directly targets and protects the thighs, are the best anti-chafing protection on the market.  Moreover we will show why No More Chafe - Thigh Guards, are the best thigh guards on the market, why they will outperform all of the other thigh guards made by different companies.

This is what our upcoming posts are going to be all about, going through different products and testing the pros and cons that each of them bring to the customer.  We believe that thigh guards are the best product to use to protect yourself from chafing, but more specifically, we believe that our patented No More Chafe - Thigh Guards are the best option for you to choose.