Poolside Chafing: How to Get the Most Out of Summer in Style

Poolside Chafing: How to Get the Most Out of Summer in Style

Posted by Jack Miller on 3rd Feb 2021

There’s nothing worse than thigh chafing ruining a hot summer’s day by the pool – especially when that’s all you’d planned to do for the weekend. In the hot Aussie summer, just the short walk from your home to the pool can be all it takes to cause some serious chub rub. Add a chlorinated pool to sore, red skin, and the results can be even more painful. So, how can you stop chafing and enjoy your time poolside? Here are our top tips to help you out:

Re-apply anti chafing creams and gels frequently

The hotter it is, the more we sweat – not to mention how much getting in and out of the pool can significantly dilute the effects of even the best anti-chafing creams and gels. Much like sunscreen, it’s important to reapply any gels you frequently use to avoid chub rub from ruining the rest of your day. You should also allow any creams you apply to dry to the skin completely before you hop into the pool for the most working potential of the cream.

Dry yourself thoroughly

Damp skin and chub rub is a recipe for disaster. So, when you get out of the pool, ensure you’re thoroughly dried from top to bottom if possible. A microfibre towel is the best way to ensure the places at-risk of chafing are thoroughly dried, preventing painful chafing from occurring where wet skin touches. Even better, changing out of your wet swimming costume into poolside clothes when you’re done swimming can help keep the chafing at bay to go from daytime swimming to evening fun.

Invest in swimming shorts

If you want to enjoy your time at the pool without worry, investing in some swimming shorts or board shorts can stop chub rub from ruining your fun. Not only are you more covered, but you also have fewer places you need to apply sunscreen to. Not to mention a good pair of swim shorts are just as suitable for walking to the pool as they are when you get there, saving the need to visit changing rooms before you can enjoy the water.

Use chafing bands by the pool

Whether you’re visiting the pool with family or friends, if you’re more a fan of lounging than spending time in the water you might want to give anti chafing thigh bands a go. If you’ve got poolside-appropriate clothing on, like shorts or a sarong, chafing bands won’t be visible – and they do a great job in preventing chafing if you’re planning to travel elsewhere after your time poolside.  These thigh bands are absolutely perfect for you to wear after you've gone swimming, take a walk to the shops, along the promenade and you will stay chafe free.

If you love to spend time by the pool all summer, having some anti-chafing tricks up your sleeve can make all the difference. If you don’t want to let chafing get in the way of your fun, our top tips are the ideal place to start to enjoy everything summer has to offer.

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