Preventing Chafing for Health Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Physios You Need to Read This!

Preventing Chafing for Health Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Physios You Need to Read This!

Posted by Jack Miller on 27th Jan 2021

The year of 2020 has been a heck of a year for health professionals worldwide. Overworked, understaffed, and desperate to do the best possible job we can for the patients in our care, we are often stretched beyond where we thought we could reach.

Many times a day we find ourselves grabbing a quick, two-minute break to have a quick drink of water and a bite of something to eat before throwing ourselves back on the floor to care for those that need us.

Hot, sweaty, tired and aching - we’d never dream of giving anything less than our best.

However, on top of the usual aches and pains, many of us are now plagued with addition discomfort from chafing. Layers upon layers of PPE mean hot, sticky, uncomfortable shifts for many of us. For those of us who have always suffered from chafing, Covid-19 has just added insult to injury. If you’re new to chafing, hopefully, you’ve found this page and all the relief it has to offer without suffering too long.

Put simply, chafing is not a problem you have to endure. It is possible to be comfortable in your uniform or scrubs and layers of gowns, masks, gloves and visors. The solution is simple, affordable and totally within reach.

We have comfortable, lightweight, flexible thigh guards to fit your thighs perfectly, these target the most common area of chafing: the inner thighs. Our anti chafing underwear comes in two different lengths, so you’re sure to find a discreet solution whatever your workplace attire requirements may be. Our superior design prevents the thigh guards from rolling, slipping or moving, ensuring a comfortable, all day (or night!) solution to prevent chafing.

Our thigh guards are available in a range of fun and discreet colours to suit your personality and preferences. Be subtle or go loud and proud, they fit discreetly under you clothes, so you be the judge!

Rest assured you can fulfil all your clinical duties wearing these, and the only reason you’ll know they’re there is because of how comfortable you are. Our product has built-in, hypoallergenic silicone grippers to prevent rolling and bunching. The best grip is achieved after 5-10 minutes of your body moisture sticking to the silicone, so consider putting them on before your shift to give them time to warm up. Our elastic grippers are ergonomically designed to fit high on bony prominences, providing the most stable anchoring point for thighs and hips.

These easy-care, comfortable guards are total game-changers. Machine washable, easy to maintain and oh so durable. This fantastic chafing cure product actually works better the more of a hot mess you become!

If you’ve decided you’ve worked your last shift with the stinging, burning, itching of chafe, then rest assured our Australian-stocked product will be with you in record time. Choose regular or express shipping and make sure your next shift is a comfortable one.

At the end of the day, remember, you matter too. You can’t care for others if you’re not looking after yourself. You deserve to be as comfortable as possible at work.