Remedies for Chafing

Remedies for Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th Nov 2019

Summers are approaching and we cannot contain our excitement because;
Summers + Outings + Barbecue + Beach = Great Times!
However, for many of us, there is another way to look at the summer;
Heat + moisture + sweat + friction = CHAFING!!!

Chafing occurs for people all year round, but when the spring and summer months arrive this terrible affliction skyrockets and most people will experience horrible chafing during hot weather. Living in a hot country means that you probably experience chafe far more often than people living in cold countries, are you too looking for immediate relief from chafing in Australia? Here is something that will help you.

What is Chafing and what causes it?

Known with different names like chafe, chub rub and runners rash. Chafing is a very uncomfortable condition accompanied by red thighs, tender skin, and burning sensations. The condition is experienced when your thighs rub together frequently over periods of time. Many people experience chafe all through the year because they are active and working, but chafing is often much worse in hot weather.

The ailment is not triggered by being overweight, as people frequently attribute it to.  It will however, effect those whose thighs naturally touch together, and let's be honest, that is most people walking and moving around today.  If your thighs are brushing against each other every time you walk, you are, like many people susceptible to chafe. Beyond this issue, many people have to deal with chafing because of the clothing choices they make, such as wearing long pants, jeans, long dresses, exercise clothing. When they do get chafing it appears in the form of a rash, and can be accompanied by bumps and blisters that are both irritating and painful. 

Guess what, inner thigh chafing is not new to the world. People have been struggling and walking for centuries, in fact the most common mode of transport at one time was travelling by foot, can you imagine the horrible chafing that those people would have had to endure.  We are always looking for the perfect solution that will keep the thigh rash away from us and out of our lives. Almost forever now, there have been many products available on the market that promise to help. But if you would listen to the experts they are able to tell you that products like creams, lotions, gels and powders do not work, and can not conceivably stop chafing.  It may be better to focus on a regime, rather than buying false products that don't have a chance of working. Here are a few things that could be helpful:

Breathe - The first great tip, would be to let your delicate thigh skin breathe. Air will make the area fresh keeping you cooled down and therefore not relying on you body to sweat. Go for comfortable breathable fabric and perhaps take a rest now and then between aggressive activity sessions.

Cleanse - Keep cleansing your thigh skin at shorter intervals with a mild and natural soap or just lukewarm water. This takes the sweat away and does not let the rash spread. Make sure you pat your skin dry gently after cleansing and don't use anything that will scratch the surface of your skin.

Moisturize - Dab a natural moisturizer on your thighs and let the skin absorb it. If your using an all natural cream that contains vitamins, which helps to aid the skin healing process, then this would be ideal.  Put on such creams when you won't have much physical activity to do afterwards.

Now comes the most important step - Wear Thigh Guards, YES!

These Thigh Guards from No More Chafe are designed to provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long. They have a unique patented design that ensures they will stay exactly in place throughout any activity or exercise regimen. Get them online today