Remedies for chafing

Remedies for chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th Nov 2019

Summers are approaching and we cannot contain our excitement because;
Summers+ Outings+ Barbecue+Beach= Great Times
However, for many of us, there is another way to look at the summer
Heat + moisture/sweat + friction = Chafing

Though chafing is not just experienced during the summers, it is something most people experience during the hot months. Are you too looking for immediate relief from chafing, Gold Coast? Here is something that will help you

What is Chafing and what causes it?

Known with different names like the Chub Rub, the chafe and also rash. Chafing is an uncomfortable sensation accompanied with tender skin, red thighs ad itchy inner thighs. The condition is experienced when your thighs rub together. Many people experience chafe all through the year because of various reasons, but chafing is often much worse in hot weather.

The ailment is not triggered by overweight, however, it mostly affects people with thighs that naturally, touch. Beyond this many other people have to put up with chafing because of exercise or wearing shorts and skirts. Chafing appears in forms of rashes, and bumps that are both painful and stressful.

Guess what, inner thigh chafing is not new to the world? People have been struggling and walking there way looking for the perfect solution that will keep them away from the rash. Almost forever now, there are many products available in the market that promise to help. But, if you would listen to the experts they rather focus on the regime than the products. Here are a few things that could be helpful:

Breathe- First great tip would be to let your delicate thigh skin breathe. Air will make the area fresh and dry out the sweat. Go for comfortable fabric and rest now and then between aggressive activity sessions.

Cleanse- Keep cleansing your thigh skin at shorter intervals with a mild and natural soap or just warm water. This takes the sweat away and does not let the rash breed. Make sure you pat your skin dry gently after cleansing

Moisturize- Dab a natural moisturizer on your thighs and let the absorb it. This helps the thighs glide past each other without friction.

Now comes the most important step- Wear Thigh Guards, Yes!

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