Say Goodbye to the Chafe this summer

Say Goodbye to the Chafe this summer

Posted by Jack Miller on 18th Aug 2019

Summers are just around the corner and a long walk along a shoreline, a beautiful evening walk, or a run in the park is one everyone’s mind. But all you can think of the itch, the burn and rash. Many of us have to go through the unpleasant inner thigh chafing especially in the summers.

What exactly is thigh chafing?

Caused by friction and sweat, thigh chafing occurs with repetitive rubbing of the skin. In extreme cases, it can be irritating and can be very severe. This uninvited guest shows up mostly in the summers.

Why Summers?

Chafing mostly shows up in seasons like summer and spring, however, lesser in the winter. As summer is a hot and sweaty season, we are more prone to chafing during this time. Salts and minerals present in the sweat get rubbed on the surface of our skin every time thighs rub against each other. The damage continues as the sweat, salt and minerals continue to cut into the skin and the condition continues as the top layer of our epidermis gets stripped away. As a result, you experience raw and puffed up inner thigh skin and form a rash.

Why not winters?

Our bodies generate sweat to cool us down to regulate temperature and avoid over-heating. As our bodies are naturally cooler in the winter we don’t sweat as much. So, lesser sweat leads to negligible salts & minerals on the surface of the skin. The thighs easily glide past each other making the winters rash free. However, people with excessively dry skin and improper moisturization may experience the chafe in winters too.

How to prevent inner thigh chafing?

The best way to repair our skin would ideally be that we stop walking and let our skin rest and repair! But, unfortunately, that is not a possibility. In today’s busy life we do not have that kind of time. The market today is full of many anti-chaffing products. Most of them have been unsuccessful in preventing the condition

What doesn’t work?

Creams & Lotions- Over-the-counter creams and ointments can sometimes make the situation even much worse. Some lotions create too much moisture and let the sweat lock-in. Besides this, they rub off if you walk for long.

Talcum powder- Undoubtedly talcum powders and baby powders dry up the moisture and relieve you from sweat but they hardly stay on the skin! Moreover, they are potentially dangerous too. Did you know they have been associated with cancer? Yes! studies have revealed that there are agents in talcum powder that could be a cause for ovarian cancer.

What works?

Dealing with the friction, which is the root cause of the chafe, will help! This is where good quality thigh guards come to your rescue. Creating a physical barrier is the best form of protection for those who are prone to chaffing. Make them your second skin this summer and create a protective barrier against the chafe.

Happy Summers!