Sports, Runner's Rash and Prevention

Sports, Runner's Rash and Prevention

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Feb 2020

If you love exercising, inner thigh chafing or runner's rash is no stranger to you! Running and many other sports activities are often correlated with inner thigh chafing. Running, jogging, walking and cycling could cause friction between the thighs, and that's the start of the problem.

No matter if it's winter or summer, runners always face the potential risk of contracting chafe because of the constant brushing of the skin. Inner thigh chafe could make the skin:

  • red 
  • tender 
  • irritated
  • blistered &
  • painful

There are many effective ways to prevent yourself from the inner thigh rash. Here are some tips:

Having lots of water could be a great tip in maintaining a precautionary step from the inner thigh chafing. Yes! Hydration is not only essential for good health but it also aids in preventing you from thigh chafing. The salt crystals produced by the under-hydrated body, stay on your skin and will irritate and injure you as you move. Having lots of water, flushes out toxins and makes the salt crystals less prevalent.

The material of your running attire is critical if you are prone to inner thigh chafing. Cotton shorts could be a poor choice, as once your sweat makes them wet, they don't dry up easily. So, choose synthetic materials with quick-dry features. Lycra, nylon or spandex, are more like the options you're looking for.

Did you know that you can Stop Runner's Rash & Get Sporty With No More Chafe Thigh Bands. Anti-slip thigh bands could be a great way to stop thigh chafing while running and during other physical activities. You can wear them high up on the thighs and see the results. They keep your thighs completely protected from each other and don't let them rub against one another with friction. They entirely screen the area that is most susceptible to getting chafe. Great quality thigh guards are comfortable as they let your skin breathe.