Standing All Day?  Here's How to Avoid Chafing in an Active Job

Standing All Day? Here's How to Avoid Chafing in an Active Job

Posted by Jack Miller on 20th Jan 2021

While for many people, air conditioning and office jobs help to avoid the dreaded chafing rash, for others avoiding chafed skin isn’t so easy in the workplace. Whether you work in hospitality and need to be up and moving all day or have an active job as a landscaper, labourer or any other roles that involve standing, stopping chafing can be a challenge. If you’re struggling to prevent chafing in the workplace, here are a few options you may want to consider:

Pick clothing that’s breathable and comfortable

Starchy materials, anything that causes friction and non-breathable fabrics can be a nightmare if you suffer from chafing. Simply switching out the clothes you wear can make a huge amount of difference, reducing the effects of chafing and keeping your skin happy. Even if you wear a uniform, you may be able to have the option two swap out your trousers for something that matches but is more suitable to help manage your chafing. Simply switching from man-made to more natural fabrics can make a huge difference in some cases.

Take breaks as and when needed

If your work allows you to take breaks, such as when it comes to manual labour, it’s well worth taking advantage of that fact. Five minutes to let your body breathe and reduce perspiration can make a world of difference. After all, you’re likely to slow down due to pain if chafing occurs, so by preventing chafing instead of dealing with the aftermath, you’re in a far better position to get all your work done. If chafing is directly impacting your work, you might even ask your supervisor or manager to take a couple minute’s break to help you along the way.

Keep a chafing emergency kit with you

Whether it’s soothing lotions of roll-on deodorant in your DIY kit you should be prepared with chafing remedies, so it’s far less likely to ruin your day. Keep a small emergency kit in your locker or with the rest of your belongings, and it’s available to you as and when you need it. You could even bring a change of breathable clothes as needed to help prevent chafing from becoming a serious problem on hot days. With an emergency kit, you’re able to handle chafing as and when it happens, without leaving yourself sore and in pain for the next few days.

Invest in anti-chafing products

The best way to stop chafing if you’re on your feet all day is by investing in great-quality anti-chafing products. Our chafing bands are the ideal choice for anyone walking around at work all day, providing the protection needed to stop chub rub ruining your workday. You could also invest in long shorts to wear under work trousers and skirts, or grab some anti-chafing lubricant for use on underarms and in other more unwieldy areas to keep yourself chafe-free all day long.

Being on your feet all day doesn’t necessarily have to mean dealing with chafing. Prepare, invest in some chafe-suitable clothing, and you’ll be able to get through your workday unscathed with no problems.