Stop Chafing When Dancing

Stop Chafing When Dancing

Posted by Jack Miller on 25th Feb 2021

Dancing is one of the most freeing forms of exercise you can do. Whether you dance professionally on stage or let loose on the dance floor, nothing is more enjoyable than moving to the music and expressing yourself. However, it can be quite distressing when chafing intervenes with your dance moves. Read on to learn anti-chafing methods that will have you dancing comfortably in no time:

What's causing chafing while dancing?

Dancing is a great form of cardio exercise that'll have you burning calories and sweating up a storm. However, when you combine movement and sweat, it'll most likely result in chafing. Your skin constantly rubs together while you dance, and this may result in inner thigh chafing and rashes. Chafing while dancing is certainly not comfortable, and it's no fun having to sit on the side or call it a night early on. Chafing while dancing professionally is definitely a problem as it may affect your performance. Not to worry; chafing doesn't have to make you miss out on all the fun. There are many solutions to stop chafing, as well as chafing treatments for when you return home.

Apply anti-chafing cream

Before you head out on the dancefloor or on stage, apply a moisturizer with vitamin E or petroleum jelly on your inner thighs to lubricate them and avoid irritation. Anti-chafing cream can also be applied afterwards if chafing occurs. Before you do so, however, make sure your skin is clean and fresh to wash off any sweat. Take a shower and gently pat your thighs dry with a microfibre towel before applying any cream. This will prevent any further irritation and have your skin healing faster. You can also apply deodorant if you also chafe in your armpits. Roll-ons can also be applied to your inner thighs to protect them from excessive sweating.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing

If you're heading out to the club, you will, of course, want to look your very best as you dance with your friends. When it comes to your fashion choices, it's best to avoid wearing skin-tight clothing if you have a tendency to chafe. Wear something loose and freeing like a flowy dress or light shorts. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. After all, isn't it better to be free of chafing than to suffer all night long?

Invest in thigh bands

If you're a professional dancer, clothing options may be limited since you have to wear particular gear and costumes. Investing in thigh bands can make all the difference when you dance. Anti-chafing thigh bands are made from a compression system that prevents slipping and protects the skin underneath. They can be worn underneath your garments so you can dance without anyone noticing. It's important to wash your thigh bands after each use so they can maintain its condition. Otherwise, invest in several thigh bands so you can wear one each night. The great thing about thigh bands is that anyone can wear them. Anti-chafing bands are great for any dancers; professional and casual. They come in a range of different sizes so that no one will be left in the wings.

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